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TexasHempChef #HempGuideToHealthyEating

Nope not for everyone! Nope not at all but it worked for me, I’m sober! I’m living in peace love harmony (well the best I can, considering what I went through) let me tell ya this cost me everything I love!

dmr #dadlife I love my kids, and each of the moms I respect your opinion I have #selfrespect what I ask is you move on! Stop hating me! Stop trolling me and pay me back #pullsetgrip #gatorgripp #gatorgripphd Gator-Gripp Rack System Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Salty Soul Taxidermy I know what I’m doing what I created! And I’m alive because what I did worked! Love is the answer legally btw that’s my recommendation be legal! Because ya fuck around you’ll find out! Don’t hurt women and children do your best never give up! Communication is key use your resources Texas Veterans Commission U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs it worked because I made the choice to get the help I needed and reported all this to the Va! They know everything from loosing company to dealing family marriage help! They know what happened because I’m honest! They know I ain’t seen my kids either so plant the seed watch me grow! And shine truth! It’s about my healing journey! How I did it!

True Story CBD|Hemp
If it was up to me I would make it legal!

kimchichicken #ramen with broccoli green beans and #furikake it’s what’s in it that counts #KimChi #highenergyhealthyeating #TexasHempChef #HempFurikake why not #hempguidetohealthyeating enrich life with #cbdcbgcbccbn just say’n with or without it still tastes good #dmr #secretrecipe tip add the flavors you love #hemptipsandtricks #cannabistipsandtrick




dmr #disabledveteran 1998-2018

26 prescriptions drugs that made me crazy! I wasn’t crazy the medication made me almost die! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t use illegal drugs! I eat clean medicine ie fruits vegetables meats liquids!

I’m sober! I deserve to be able to talk about cooking with #cbd #hemp #cannabisheals trust me! Eating it is way better than smoking it! I saved my soul because this journey! That’s a fact! I’m not suicidal, I’m not gonna hurt women and children! I believe in American Grown Plants! And Planthealing!

Cervical Fusion
3 lumbar fusions
Both shoulders rebuilt
Both wrists
Right knee

I had 3 years worth of acupuncture, had my chakra activated believe in sound and light therapy trust me I’m telling the truth! #cbdcbgcbncbc #thc #thca #thco it all has a special place in our mind body soul #medicine #cannabisindustry #cannabiscommunity #cannabismarketing #cannabisbusiness #cannabiscultivation #cannabisculture #cannabislaw #cannabisevents #cannabisculture #cbd #hempindustry #hempproducts

texashempchef #hempguidetohealthyeating I’m gonna talk about how it saved my life! It’s my right! #FreedomOfwhat ? Speaking it’s my right I earned it! https://www.texas.gov/health-services/texas-medical-marijuana/ #texas #medical #marijuana yes I’m sober but I’m gonna talk about how I got this way! #dmr #dadlife #cbd #hemp #cannabis #pharmacy pills are prescribed to be taken as needed! So should cannabis! #LegalizeHerb I’m #procannibis that’s for dang sure! Been two plus years ño cannabis, 1 year no CBD / Hemp , 2+ years no alcohol, since 2019 no pills! I was lost over medicated and over weight! Since this journey I’ve lost 130lbs and have #SelfRespect #Lovemyself this clean sober me! Do I wish I could still cook with hemp? YEP because it helped and would help! Specially since I have two qualified conditions under the legal program in texas! But here’s to 11 more month probation! UGH 😑 talk about loosing everything for being honest! That should be illegal! I called for help, got arrested! Yes they did there job! But I did call 911, CCPD, FBI because I was being fucked over big time! Lost my family company panga and passion can hunt or fish well spearfish! For 11 more months what because I believe in plant based healing! 30,000 lives saved and ya couldn’t even save mine! But now I’m good BTW I forgive you! But #pullsetgrip still owes me money!


It’s about saving lives! It saved mine!
Self Love

cannabis #cannabisindustry #cannabismarketing #cannabiscommunity #cannabisbusiness #cannabiscultivation #cannabislaw #cannabisgrowers #cannabiseducation #cannabisproducts #cannabisevents #cannabisresearch #cannabistech


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