Saving Lives

Actually I’m working with the VA and Texas Veterans Commission they love it… they are working on a new program to heal heroes because my “rants” I got military and civilian agencies backing me up now because it’s about making us whole again… and our families so we can live in society at peace #mil #vet #healing Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Salty Soul Taxidermy Spearfishing Talk Gator-Gripp Rack System U.S. Coast Guard Go Coast Guard US Department of Veterans Affairs Corpus Christi, Texas Texas Veterans Commission

I’m a surfman the 374th yes retired but care about family god and community

True story I know who’s watching me talk about it! Because I healed I am sober and I can help so many people once they realize they have to make the choice! They have to ask for help! They have to go! It’s about us being better when we get home for ourself our spouse our children our friends and our family and the future! You think I’m joking? I’m not #lawenforcementtraining #militaryfamily #militarytraining all applies when it comes to #Wellnesschecks trust me I talk about it, because I don’t wanna see someone make a bad call! A pour decision! I wanna see us grow together that’s why I’ve always said the coast guards use of Force police was the best! I think all city state and federal agencies can grow together and be better with more funds Team work better training! Working with retired veterans who did the job 20 years would be my recommendation because we all have to go home! And what we do at home matters! GOD Bless America im not ranting I’m saving lives!


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