Learn from me read my blogs lmfao

I’m not looking for a life coach or additional funds BTW! let me tell ya I’ve lost 130lbs had 10 major surgeries all combat related service connected I’ve also learned to walk again twice I’m 44 retired 4 years ago I don’t need a life coach definitely don’t need crypto currency but thanks for offer I’m good… I’ve earned a gold medal from whitehouse and served my country 20 yrs definitely don’t need leadership advice lmfao 😂 specially when I have 6 sources of income as well Lmfao GOD bless you and your journey I’m enjoying mine #leadership #afrasgoldmedal #chesterrbenderaward #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #dmr #surfman374 #pullsetgrip #saltysoultaxidermy definitely been there done that now enjoying life and seeing my kids are my goals… GOD Bless you and yours! #gatorgripp #gatorgripphd what did I learn from my past? Trust NO ONE! LOVE isnt real! Do YOu! Be honest! Be faithful! Tell the truth!

#love Is real… you can LOVE GOD & You

Only one who’s gonna help you is yourself! Everyone else will try and take it from ya! Trust me! I lost everything a few times lmfao 🤣 except while serving my country but then again a military transfer cost me my house her job and definitely caused a bankruptcy because we couldn’t afford anything Military pay wasn’t great starting out! Definitely financially struggled while serving our country! But now I’m retired appreciate the life I lived and enjoy what I have! To leave a legacy for my kids and enjoy freedom! That’s my goals! Be honest be loving and stay focused! Even your credit will recover mine epic now! But I love very simple! And I’m alone so it doesn’t cost much… Atleast I pay my child support and love being a father #dadlife I have very beautiful kids I’m thankful for them.


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