I would do it again!

I could tell ya 1000’s of reason why I loved my time! #AltusTendo #Surfman374 #AfrasGoldMedal #ChesterRBenderAward #HurricaneHarvey

BravoZulu #USCG #activeduty #reserve #veterans

HurricaneKatrina 1998-2018

From the Towers Falling to War on Terrorism CyberSecurity to Port Security War on Drugs to Human Trafficking #cybersecurity #security #SmallArmsInstructor to #240BravoGunEx offshore #pursuitofhappiness #tacticaltraining #surfrescue it was all a blast! #BMC retired #offshore #inshore #rivers #articCircle #oregon #washington #texas #GOD #USMEX was epic #MaintainOrderOnTheBorder you could say that… GOD Bless y’all love ya #FLEO did that too 😉 my time was epic! Hopefully I can inspire others to want to serve this country! It was worth it! I would do it again! I love my heroes active, reserve, veterans and the family they go home to! God bless the family that stays together! And prays together Faith Matters Spiritual Life matters! Trust me I seen shit I can’t talk about! Did shit I won’t talk about either! Because we can’t lmfao 😂 but do know this america is the greatest nation on earth and in my opinion most helping international we give so much more than they give us! We help so many more trust me! We are a very awesome nation! Globally speaking! I got to work with and train people from all over the world! We did cool stuff operations operating train maintain operate it still applies when ya retire! You can either give it up let yourself go or get the fuck up and do something about it!

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