DadLife is real Life real Tuff we need love as well

dadlife this is how I deal with missing my kids #anxiety #depression #insomnia #ptsd #loosing companies hobbies dreams time with kids #divorce #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #gatorgripp #saltysoultaxidermy #pullsetgrip #blacknbluepaintball #afrasgoldmedal #chesterrbenderaward #surfman374 #dmr why hashtag? Simple let’s everyone see how far you can where ya came from what you did what your built what you branded what legacy you left behind #loveistheanswer #postit #tagit #shareit because remember I ain’t seen my kids and years and my family since like 1992/1998 true story #Veterans #ActiveDuty then when ya come home and they don’t know ya anymore makes it even more epic! Sad but the whole family should be made whole not just the heroes my now exwife wasn’t my doctor she was my best friend and wife hope she still is but who cares that’s another story the past all I can do is share my healing thoughts because it heals me! Amen spirit world is real world! Lost it all for what? To post about it? Talk about it? How about maybe change your life, so you go home hug your wife! Husband what ever your married too is on you! Who you love on you! But be faithful please specially when kids are involved and love eachother help people grow their dreams! Damn y’all you think it’s easy being this honest? It helps! But sucks! Because I miss my family kids and friends #surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing @surfman374 and each #momlife taught me something helped me become me now! I grew and learned ℹ life for forgiveness of self and others don’t mean ya need to run around sinning just try to be a little better each day chaos Order love hate some words we can actually control saying and excepting don’t give up! And I miss my dog lmfao #luckypup dadloves you you know #hadleyniccoleramsey almost loosing your mom in a miscarriage almost drove me insane! FACT I bucked hard when she wanted to have another attempt! But I’m glad you both made it love you guys truly I do I miss y’all BIGTIME Kenzie, Addy, Austin, Lucky heck even Carlie Leslie and Ashley all y’all taught me something that’s for damn sure! To be sober and do my best for our kids! “trust me no one’s perfect ladies! I’m not”!


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