True Story BTW

usoursthemtheirs #ChesterRBenderAward #afrasgoldmedal #surfman374 #solas #DMR #NativeLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter #MADEINAMERICAMatters I still can’t believe they said I wasn’t a real hero lmfao ! 01-15-2006 #AltusTendo don’t hurt women and children! It’s about Mental Health spiritual growth and say’n fuck you I am a hero! So are the rest of my veteran brothers and sisters! and active duty! Anyone in a Uniform doctors nurses EMS LEOS FLEOS seven city state and federal that’s worldwide by the way! GOD Bless Heroes! I know 30,000 lives are thankful for me and my team! Hurricane Katrina I didn’t profit I was saving lives Hurricane Harvey I didn’t profit I was saving lives! Who wants to profit off dead heroes? Who wants to profit off alive ones? I can’t wait till I get all my stuff back! I’m retired I’m supposed to be enjoying my best life not still defending it from hackers trolls liars cheaters and Thieves! Fry catfish fry trollers! Fry clones! I’m real my story is real! Rigsreefclassicspearfishing com #CoOwnerLife #Chaos “Chief has arrived on schedule”! On target and tracking what I’m sending? Ya should be! US Patent patentviolation #uspatent Ps be nice if Gator-Gripp Rack Systems US Patent for Clamping rack Patent (Patent # 10,035,468) would pay us the $30,000 plus they owe us! I worked my ass off from 2014 to date! Thanks for stealing our investment! My Time, All My Money! And ruining my name in the outdoor industry I loved as well as getting all my social media shutdown! Pro-Draw, Gator-Gripp , Gator-GrippHD , “PullSetGrip” true story we paid to have the original built I am a CoOwner & Chief Marketing Officer and they Stole all the racks and all our Money! And they took all my guns 🤣 no wonder I’m so pissed off #Surfman374 #veteran #marketing #growth #socialmedia #team #mentalhealth #investment #money #doctors #nurses

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