The Polar Shift “Battle of the Titans”

I ran boats in the Coast Guard, definitely noticed some cool things like deviation and variations magnetic and true… is it a “SeaStory” let me tell ya a cool story, a lot of water moves super fast! if the earths moving at a 1000mph what happens when the “the poles shift”? Well there’s only around 40 flood stories and 4000 churches today. IMO after seeing the west coast hunting the westcoast alot of waters gonna flood and displace alot of mud debris and stuff…. So are the flood stories real? I would say so! I’ve seen scars in the earth that water did I’ve seen boulders 1000’s of miles from where they should be. I’ve seen waves big ones! Biggest 50-70’ seas that would blow your mind! 120mph winds. But nothing would compare to the pole shift! IMO they probably happen every 6-10,000 yrs what’s that mean? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happening soon. Or happens. I mean the north poles moving The position of Earth’s magnetic north pole was first precisely located in 1831. Since then, it’s gradually drifted north-northwest by more than 600 miles (1,100 kilometers), and its forward speed has increased from about 10 miles (16 kilometers) per year to about 34 miles (55 kilometers) per year. I’ve even heard puts upwards of 40miles per year now. So what happens to all the water? It moves! Maybe we will finally find Atlantis I like to get deep! #spearfishingtipsandtricks make sure you use your compass offshore thanks to GPS we can always find things faster now! It’s funny my career started out at a LORAN Station I broke the record for fastest multi chain recovery heck I probably broke the record for most social media posts in a day to lmfao the life of an Empath means I can feel this energy if gets me fired up! I definitely feel negative and positive energies and totally love sun light and music! #dmr love y’all if the poles shift it could get so cold elephant will free in 4hrs or so hot we all burn up anyways nite yall! Depends on which side of the world your on I guess should I even be house hunting Lmfao? Can you get an insurance policy on The Polar Shift? I wonder if this is why we seen so many nasty storms the last 24yrs? Trust me tomorrow marks the anniversary of one of the wildest rescues I ever had!

Anyways Love Y’all today was fun! Tomorrow it the day we could have died lmfao. I will never forget that rescue 🛟

Afrasgoldmedal ChesterRBenderAward USCG Surfman374 definitely glad I stayed square 15 Jan 2006


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