What Next? Did I do that? Yep!

Doing a single task well is an achievement, but multi-tasking is a rare gift. I love the dry English humor of the Roman historians! Summary

We have seen from ancient history that there were individuals who lived much longer than modern man, had exceptional strength, endurance, sight, memory and mental abilities. It is not unreasonable to suppose that many of Adam’s early descendants were exceptionally gifted individuals. What must the minds of the descendants of Adam have been capable of with their minds untainted by thousands of years of genetic deterioration? In Genesis 4

SpreadJoy2023 #TrustGod #LoveIsTheAnswer #DMR #loveisthemotivation #surfman374 #loyalty #momlife #nottodaysatan #Godisgood All The Time ❤️🫶‼️🤙🙏🏾ℹ actually Love 🇺🇸 Do You ⚖️💪🏻✍️⬆️⚔️🩸📝🎭💙😘✏️😊🧐…. I love the Bible, the Quran, Torah, Dead Sea Scriptures better start reading, better start eating healthy! Better start living your best life! Better start loving your Husband! Loving You Wife! Loving your Children! Raise them Right! Love The Creator! The Influencer, The Watcher! Love thy self! Love Others! Live Longer! DRINK WATER! Fasting is Key! Purge the Body! Clear out the toxic waste!

When you live in Spirituality nothing can stop you! Trust GOD! #love #water #PerfectStorm my vows are eternal it will cost you your soul! #Karma she’s a real beast… #Poetry #OneSpookyDaddy #Magi VS #Magic when casting spells remember what goes around comes around! #Witch Please! I ain’t no #BabyDaddy I’m a #GODFather make a great movie! Lmfao 😂 #BOO I got your “boo” 👻 I’m a Pirate 🏴‍☠️ we protect and defend our homeland! Our people our places our things! GOD Bless AMERICAN MADE! #MadeInUSA GID Bless Global Relations Global Order is better than Chaos on the border … #CraftyDad #godofwar is a fun game! #godoflightning light N YOU is Brite IN YOU! Out of Darkness the Fallen will Rise! On earth as it is in Heaven! As Above so below! amen 🙏🏾 mondays are always fun days


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