Going HAM for Fam! GOD

If I didn’t cheat or beat on 3 wives in the last 22 years and ain’t seen my kids in years why would I ever act like the devil now? Lmfao NOPE! Not today Devil! Not ever I’m a Man of GOD! And refuse to let my children see anything else but my best, my worst! Yep said thing I regret, but that’s My Truth! I’m not anything but human. I made a few mistakes said some shit I regret but Piety is my way! Honestly and integrity Hey anytime your wife husband girlfriend boyfriend coworker boss who ever wants to ask me why I am who I am they can call me… I totally respect you your marriage your relationship your job your family your life. Trust me! I totally understand, why people will judge me! Heck I judge me daily and pray for forgiveness for anything I may have done! I just hope one day humans realize how powerful you all are and how some of you were in my salvation we shouldn’t have to explain our selves as men and women of god, but trust me! I fully understand and truly 100% respect you and your house… heck maybe one day we can visit person to person so I can tell you man 2 man. man 2 woman , Trust me, I got in a shit load of trouble for being thankful for the people in my life. Yes in todays world people will see things hear things think things. But the reality is, I consider you a brother & sister in Christ! And warrior of GOD. So for what it’s worth. GOD Bless you and your house love y’all “you all”!


PS …. Trust me! I’m not about to fuck up being a father! I got kids to I wouldn’t want them treating who ever they end up being in a relationship with bad! Trust me! GOD a saved my Soul! #dmr and a few good men and women helped me shine! So you know who you are! And may GOD Bless YOU!

This is what happens when ya get #Sober BTW divine LEVEL! Spirit Wakes UP! So I could post all day long, what so I loose another company? #GatorGrippHD, shutdown a tournament #rigsreefclassicspearfishing? loose another hobby #SaltySoulTaxidermy? Sell another boat? #SaltySoulPanga it’s sad! I was trying to already live my best life! #SpearFishingTalk but what did it cost me? Everyone Everywhere Everything…. Gave it all to GOD! Yes! Pray? daily! #EarthGuideOnly #EGO #goodorderdiscipline #GOD #Family #LOVE #respect #job #people #like


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