Wake Up, Do it again…

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament

Gator-Gripp Rack System



I dare you! I double dare you! #dmr

Then again it was just a hobby but one that helped me heal Salty Soul Taxidermy

It’s funny how Tuff healing really is. If I was to do anything in life I would have to say, a dream come true would be help more heroes learn to live, laugh, love again. I don’t ever want another family broken because a man or woman served a United Nation, America Owes our Heroes more! And the families that they came back home for. IMO but what do I know I served 20 yrs had to learn to walk again twice, lost 80lbs the first time and 120lbs the second time. Not to mention 3 marriages and years lost with my children. But hey here’s to living sober with #GOD. #Surfman374 and loving #Corpus #Christi, Texas and my kids moms I definitely love them specially the last one… true story btw 26 #Prescriptions almost killed my ass but hey #cannabis then #hemp then #sober… I ain’t afraid to say it! I don’t drink and love my soul my kids my life amen #SpearfishingTalk #SpearfishingTipsandTricks your only as good as you, and those around you 🫶‼️❤️

#SpreadJoy2023 #SpreadJoyAndPositivity #DadLife #DMR #love #help


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