By the way nothing comes easy in life unless ya got rich Parents! LMFAO I earned my way! Surfman374 BMC Retired 98-18

“Love is the answer”!

Definitely found the bottom of the rabbit hole and climbed out fresh fell so hard the angels went damn that hurt! Demons were like hey ya need a hand lmfao 🤣 nope I’m good 🫶‼️🤣 I’m fine 🙂 My Story is a True Story let me tell ya! Everything every thought every emotion trust me! It wasn’t easy #dmr what do I learn? Order & Chaos positive and negative me I’m in the middle of it all… embarrassing yeah embracing yep!

Never give up 🫶‼️❤️🫵🙏🏾 Truth Loyalty Love & Forgiveness

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