Happy Birthday 2 Me 44

Been a great time

Happy Birthday to Me, #anchoragealaska 1978 #44 years old #20yearsmilitaryservice 4 years retired three beautiful girls and a son #happybirthdaytome #dmr #Surfman374 #bmc #shitsohappyim44today #44yearsold

Truth be told

Born in Anchorage Alaska, grew up in Alpharetta Georgia, went to high school LaCenter Washington, served in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Texas. USCG retired

Definitely wish I could have that for my birthday ❤️‼️ family rocks I love and miss each of you ! 😑 here’s to 44 years and spending it alone

Damn I can’t stand single life I just miss my family in a world full of weirdos and creepers definitely don’t trust the internet lmfao 🤣
Here’s to 44 alone

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