Y’all can live with your choices

I miss my family

If gator-Gripp wants to steal from me and my exwifes mom who’s now dead rest in peace they have to live with that! I’m over the shitshow! I did my best it cost me my marriage and I ain’t seen my kids in years! I just want probation to go smooth because come January 2024 I’m a free man! No charges! It sucks when you went all in and lost the company family tournament hobby dreams but that’s life I guess! GOD i pray you bring peace to my life! Because I’m tired, I’m pain, sober and lost it all….

I miss my exwife wish the company would have paid my now passed away ExMother InLaw and just was hoping retirement laws fe would have treated me my wife my family better.

So much for my American dream because I don’t even get to see my kids for another year ya know the real reason I posted so much, I believed in me! But it got me no where painful lessons that cost me my family future and success in the outdoor industry…. Sucks when ya loose it all after 20 years military trying to enjoy retirement since 2018 has been HELL! But hey here’s to sobriety and missing my exwife and kids

Turning 44 tomorrow alone ugh 😑 wish I had a Family Company Tournament and Taxidermy Hobby to be proud of and share it with me…

Thanks Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, Rigsreefclassicspearfishing, SaltySoulTaxidermy for these hard lessons learned! To much loss after learning to walk again and her and I loosing our first baby let me tell ya it’s been hell since Hurricane Harvey!


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