All I ever wanted tomorrow I’m 44 Dec17th

True Story

Y’all do what ever it takes to make ya go up! I’m doing what it takes I trust my GOD as for what I want well that’s simple By the way the I haven’t seen McKenzie since Oct 2019, Austin July 2020, Addyson June 2021, Hadley since March 2022 1hr so I’m definitely looking forward to the day I see my children I also want the company to pay niccole back and I want my 1/3 Royalty! As for love I would love to have my exwife back in my life! Trust me I’m sober! I ain’t used pills in 3.5 years, ño cannabis yeah I might have taken a puff here and there in over two years and definitely no alcohol in 14+ months! No cbdcbgcbccbn “hemp” since March 2022! No Kratum ever! No damn “K2/Spice” and definitely nothing that would make me fail this patch or the “8 drug panel including ETG”! Im sober I believe in GOD and meditation prayer and fitness eating healthy and drinking water! That simple! I feel Pain I’m human! After Cervical Fusion, 3 Lumbar Fusions, Both Shoulders Rebuilt, Both Wrists, Right Knee, and still have numerous Herniated discs and a facial fractured C7 acupuncture helps! Staying healthy helps! Stretching definitely helps! Staying sober only makes me feel all the pain , that’s where I made a choice! Take the pain, or stay truly fucked up my whole life! So yeah words like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, (3 attempts on active duty to end my life) are scary! But I give that to GOD! Trust good see’s my efforts as a human, and pray for even more strength! Because I am embarrassed I got arrested, I did over react! But you know what! I had my company stolen from me, I had to look my mother InLaw and (rest in peace) and now exwife in the face and say I’m doing the best I can! I’m sorry they took the money! I’m sorry I believed in the American dream! I’m sorry I got mad and said those mean words! Sorry I broke a few things! Sorry I tried my best! And now? Alone! So if I’m not good enough for you, I’m sorry! Sorry I only make what I do! Sorry I tried to protect 8 years of marriage 8 years of the bills I paid! 8 years of my dream coming true! A Family! A Wife! My children having a home! A dream of one day being a kickass grandpa and grandma! A dream of being a role model parents! Having friends as loyal to me as I too them! Trust is earned! But always should be verified! Loyalty before Royalty! Faith and fellowship before party and fun! Death before dishonor! Honor Respect Devotion to each other! All the family! All the friends!

That’s my Birthday Wishes forgiving each other and showing more love! I would love to see my kids, my exwife! Her family and friends! I miss them! I miss everyone. Trust me! Here’s to a few more hours of being 43! Tomorrow I’m alone will be 44 and looking forward to FaceTiming hadley and niccole to open my gifts they gave me… I love you all! I just wanted to save my company I was CoOwner of enjoy Spearfishing do taxidermy on my wife and I’s animals fish and birds. And enjoy the rest of our lives!


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