Who I was ? Who I am?

godtaughtme #pray Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. men women humans #wegottoprayjusttomakeittoday #wegottopray #prayercall #prayersgoupblessingscomedown #discipleship #godsword #surfman374 #dmr @zauntee I pray for our #peaceofficer #uniform men and women who serve our nation #usmilitary #policedepartment #courts #jails #city #state #nation amen #fleo #leo our leaders #churchandstate #GODFamilyCountry I pray for #LOVE to be reunited with my loved ones my woman my children my family my friends #WeThePeople #protectandserve #menofgod #WomenOfGod

I will rise above always have, always will just because I post about life doesn’t mean I’m not moving forward just shows I believe in love and forgiveness truth and trust doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past! I’m definitely living my best life in the now… understanding people will judge me but who cares that’s part of being human, but definitely feel that it’s okay to say I love her I also know I would rather choose love and don’t want to give up hope or faith in reconnecting growing love and being a United family not divided family. If GOD is LOVE, I am choosing love trust me after 3 divorces I’m not giving up on love. Or being sober or telling those who read a post in the #metaverse what I feel what I choose how I will live! I believe in FAMILY forgiveness #love and #trust! #family #reallife #momlife #dadlife
BMCRAMSEY Surfman374 USCG 1998-2018

Make It Bold | Be About It | Talk About It
💙⚓️❗️ #surfman374 #HUSTLR Life 🛡

I spent 20 Years serving the United States of America. I was certified as a Surfman on the 47’ Motor Lifeboat, and 52’ Motor Lifeboat. I was a Small Arms Instructor, and Federal Law Enforcement Officer (Boarding Officer). I Graduated Airforce NCOA, USCG Chiefs Academy Altus Tendo. I’m a Graduate of Instructor Development School, Advanced Outdoor Film and Production School, Central Texas School of Taxidermy, and Hold a 100Ton MMD Captian License. I served as a Surfman, Ready for Operations Inspector, and Chief of Operations for the Largest Enlisted Unit in the Coast Guard. I received the Associations for Rescue’s at Sea Gold Medal in Washington D.C. along with numerous other Medals and Awards for Rescues 100’s of 1000’s in 20 years serving. I’m now 100 Percent Disabled but don’t let that stop me. Life is yours to enjoy and create Daily. live your best life daily. I’m a Proud Retired Chief and ran the #saltysoulpanga and was proud of our company #gatorgripphd #ifitfitsitgripps
Gator-Gripp Rack Systems Pro Draw Pull Set Gripp. I’m a Loving unfortunately ExHusband but loving Father.


“My advice to address the National Problem of LEO Use Of Force is follow the same training standards that the Department of Homeland Security Use’s Specifically those taught at MLEA To U.S. Coast Guard Guard Boarding Officers & Boarding Team Members. I’m a Certified Small Arms Instructor, MLEA Graduate, Boarding Team Member, and Boarding Officer (now retired). As Well as IDC Instructor Development Course Graduate. If you want a National Reform of City, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Use of Force why not use the one that have been developed and deployed for years and years. It’s a Set Standard of Proven Tactics & Techniques on The Use of Force and how to handle subjects while detaining and or arresting.

God Bless and my prayers for BlackLives and all those affected today. The past, Present, and FUTURE. 🖤

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

#surfman374 #tripledigithunter #chief #FLEO #BlackLivesMatter #LifeMatters #protectandserve #100PercentDisabledVeteran

I served to make sure we remain a free and protected nation


God Bless #tripledigithunter because I lost 200+ and learned to walk again. After 10 major Surgeries

Co-Owner | CMO

Founder http://www.rigsreefclassicspearfishing.com


GOD Bless America

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