Happy Veterans Day 2022 🇺🇸

GOD, I believe in YOU! Physically and Spiritually, i believe in putting it all on the line so ya know if I can you can! Never give up! I truly wish for wholeheartedly love and family! I believe in reconnect not disconnect, I believe in everyone being helped not just me, I believe in Sober, I believe in LOVE, I believe in FAMILY I believe in my ExWife! I trust her too BTW, i believe she’s my life coach, my life rock, my human compass! I miss my Children! I believe in “Till Death do We Part“, I believe in We the People! I believe in a United a states, not divided States! I believe in LOVE & Forgiveness, Trust But Verification! Across the nation! Amen! GOD Bless my covenant! Loyalty Before Royalty! First ya get the respect, then money, then go back home too my honey bunny and kids ! ‼️🫶❤️⚖️🌎🇺🇸🙏🏾🔆🦉🕯👁🏆 😎🙈🙉🙊🧜‍♂️

Altus Tendo “I reach high”.
Motto of the USCG Chief Petty Officers

1998-2018 Surfman374 “Chief” 🇺🇸🫶‼️❤️BMCRAMSEY God Bless Brothers & Sisters

USCG U.S. Coast Guard #FLEO #SAI #RFO #ChiefOfOperations #ALTUSTENDO #AFRASGOLDMEDAL #ChesterRBenderAward #CommendationMedal #AchievementMedal #globalwaronterrorism #ExpertRifle #ExpertPistol #LOC #ArcticService #NationalDefense #HurricaneKatrina #HurricaneHarvey

I earned my stripes
1998 HOTEL153
Ask the Chief
Happy Veterans Day y’all ‼️❤️🫶🇺🇸
AFRASGoldMedal 🇺🇸 Surfman374

Been 24 years since I’ve seen my family, Friends! 3 since Kenzie, 2 Since Austin, 1.5 since Addy, and Hadley only 1hr since March 2022! Sad Times American Heroes Living in! Sad Times! Some of us are still fighting for our freedom, I miss my woman! My children, my family, my company, my hobby, my Spearfishing tournament! SaltySoulTaxidermy Rigsreefclassicspearfishing GatorGripp GatorGrippHD PullSetGrip ProDraw saltysoulskiff SaltySoulPanga archery hunting Spearfishing rifle hunting providing making summer sausage growing a garden enjoying and sharing the harvest but trust me I lost it all! But hey I’m sober! No pills since 2018/19, No Cannabis since 2020, no Alcohol since 2021, no Hemp since March 2022! GOD Bless America HighEnergyHealthyEating HighEnergyHealthySnacks HighEnergyHealthyDrinks HempGuideToHealthyEating true story! I reach HIGH! Always have always will! Stop harassing me! Stop crushing me! Stop hating me! Stop trying to destroy me! You want me to benefit you? The community? The city? The state? The nation? The world? Set me free! And pay me what I have earned! I deserve better than this! I’m a Hero! I don’t believe in Family Violence, I believe in GOD DMRamsey Instagram Surfman374 TikTok DMRAMSEY1 Twitter Surfman374 YouTube David Ramsey Facebook DMRamsey SnapChat I’m not in a militia, never used my panga to run drugs or people, definitely didn’t do taxidermy for anything but a Hobby to heal! And Social Media Ruined my Life!!! I miss all my guns, hunting season, and fishing with friends. SaltySoulSpearfishingTeam GOD Bless 🇺🇸 shit I even lost my houses and dogs lmfao! Nothing like two weeks to move from Washington your costing your 2nd wife her job and us loosing our vehicle and house to get moved to texas then bankruptcy lmfao! 2011 was hell! True story! Not to mention 100 days in jail for trying to get help this year! After I called 911, CCPD, and FBI then getting out homeless and divorced wow I love texas. Specially the Athletic Club and CCHooks! Thanks for the 2nd divorce… and the 3rd divorce once was shitting enough but 3 even more painful btw! Just showing love to GOD what I lost… and why! Speaking true story today!

DavidRamsey BMC Surfman374 1998-2018
True Story

2010/2011 1st failed lumbar fusion surgery doctor totally screwed me up! Then 2 more Lumbar fusions formal one 2018, 2015/16 Cervical fusion, both shoulders reconstructed, wrists and knee! 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved! 2016/2017 2 official military medical boards! Trust me I was a Chief pissed they wanted to kick me out for what I did for my country what it cost me! With less than 2 years till my 20 years service! Not to mention 26 prescriptions pills from multiple doctors for all of the above and below to treat Sex life what I’m being honest Anxiety depression insomnia ptsd and 3 attempts at suicide because 2 divorces and yep night before my retirement (trust me I thought my life was over I could barely walk and did not know how I was gonna provide for my 3rd wife and baby she wanted to have unfortunately a miscarriage Fucken me up after Hurricane Harvey because it almost killed the love of my life so I was a mess when it came to having hadley who btw is the coolest 3 year old ever born in 2019 ! I actually would love more kids now I’m feeling stronger balanced and whole) For what to be ruined! From 2018 to date life has cost me everything! I really do mean it when ya almost loose your wife to a miscarriage it also messes with the husband I lost my mind when she almost died on me! So it’s been hell nonstop 2017 just weeks after Hurricane Harvey almost loosing my love of my life sucked

Smile kinda hard these day when I lost it all! Thanks CorpusChristi Texas
Nothing like being alone let me tell ya! It sucks
Who’s gonna fight for me?
Thanks for reading

Trust me the over $4000 I’m spending on rent medical life insurance child support because I’m single and never get to see Kenzie Addyson and Hadley! Between all that and child support it would buy my family one hell of a house and future… so what did healing, serving, and honesty get me? Broke and lonely when all I want is my wife kids and dog back! Serving america cost me everything anyone would be miserable if they went through what I have… this is not happiness this is hell

Truth be Told I’m being honest because Love is the Answer. “Live Laugh Love” Spread Joy Peace Truth! The Truth has set me free! If you read my blogs you’ll truly understand that through honesty, honor, respect, devotion, partnerships will be strengthened! Amen DMR this journey has cost me 3 families 3 daughters 1 Son and 3 wives whom I will forever love! I’ve saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives in 20 yrs I’m a Hero just like others we put it all on the line! Not to be judged by haters, ruined by thieves, played by cheaters, cut up by hackers, destroyed by sinners! But to be loved by all!
“LOVE & Light, makes darkness Bright”
⚖️🌎♾💡🫶❤️‍🩹 the Way of the DJedi, The way of the Guardians, the Way of the Angels, the way of the Jinn. Harmony with heaven earth and below, Peace Be With You. FearNOEvil NeverGiveUp
Am I upset? Yes! Trust me you would be as well! Imagine being a judge loosing your family! Imagine being an attorney loosing your family! Imagine being a Senator Governor President a Leader loosing your family! What would you do? Fight or shrug it off? Imagine being a military leader loosing your family! Imagine being a police officer, firefighter, EMS! Loosing your family! Imagine being a logger, commercial fisherman, watcher, influencer, creator! Loosing your family! Imagine being a restaurant owner, gas station owner, grocery store owner! Patent trademark brand owner! Loosing your family! Show love! How hard would it be when ya lost 3 families? Trust me! It sucks loosing your family ‼️🫶❤️ why I’m trying so hard despite a 3rd divorce to not loose this one! I love my children these mothers who created them with me and there families I miss my friends! I miss Spearfishing! But it’s obvious no one’s willing to fight for me! Sad considering the price I have paid for your freedom! cost me everything thank GOD I’m sober, & trust my creator

With 4000 religious practices on earth choose one or a few, and believe! Sound! Vibration, Light, Meditation, Activated acupuncture, herbs, taking only what you need! Sharing, caring, loving! That’s change! That’s real! Having humiliated myself with gratitude! Being honest changing the negative with more positive to live in total balance! Is the way!

DMR means Doing More Right! “Doing what’s right” when no one’s looking and when they are laughing at you! it’s also my initials for I am DavidMichaelRamsey #DMR “DoingMoreRight”
Amen my prayers are simple peace be with you
Hurricane Harvey cost me my 1st panga and tundra 2017
I sacrifice for my community 2017
True Story 2006

Why am I sharing all this? Because I love GOD, FAMILY, CITY, STATE, and NATION 🇺🇸

1998-2018 • BMC • Surfman374

Btw I don’t need pills for sex life , because this is a no sex zone 🤣 🤣 🤪 what told ya I’m honest and faithful! I’ve never cheated or beat a wife! Definitely regret somethings I said to each of them I pray they forgive me and one of them loves me and takes me back


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