No Body is perfect

Imo NO body is perfect im just trying to make mine whole again 🫶‼️❤️🇺🇸 #dadlife #soberlife be about it? Talk about that! Assholes

Why do I love The United States Department of Justice U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Homeland Security because even a few of them have said you got setup! Retaliation… sting operation… lmfao pretty crappy what people will say and do to try and ruin you!

GOD knows the truth!!! Why would I lie? I already lost everything I love and built

Family, Outdoor product, never got paid! My panga, my Spearfishin Tournament. My taxidermy hobby!

What lock me up for cooking with HEMP! Last I checked Hemps Legal in Texas!

Heaven forbid a man gets sober no pills almost 4 years, no cannabis two years no CMD since March I hurt like hell but I feel Fucken GREAT! #DADLife yep would go to the Supreme Court to protect it if I could!

American Heroes #MomLife and DadLife deserve better treatment!

True story I post daily to cover my six because no one else does! Well I’m sure a lot of people stabbed me in the back and set me up lied for what? Because I believe in Family? GOD? Spearfishing? A Trademark? A Patent? Why the fuck did ya fuck with me? What did I do to you? Last I checked I saved 30,000 lives with my coast guard family for twenty years!

And no one’s saved mine! A couple people will comment and say I love ya! But my door doesn’t open for anyone ever because no one shows up! My phone never rings, i rarely gets texts how long? Since 2018 when I retired! Defamation is Real! Alienation is Real! @deptofdefense @deptvetaffairs @dhsgov @thejusticedept I’m not working for cartel or mafia or running drugs or humans or doing poacher taxidermy or selling drugs I’m a damn American HERO who’s had enough of this shitshow! Tired of people Fucken with me! 🇺🇸🛟⚓️🏴‍☠️ I stand by that!

mistakes happen it’s how you react that counts! #dmr #TRUTH loyalty before Royalty GOD and fuck you devil! Surfman374 🇺🇸🫶❤️‼️🛟🏴‍☠️⚓️🙏🏾⚖️🧜‍♂️🧬🌵🤍✔️🐘☀️💧🌎🤙🌚💚🤘

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