Family Court SUCKS

He created people out of love for the purpose of sharing love. People were created to love God and each other. Additionally, when God created people, he gave them good work to do so that they might experience God’s goodness and reflect his image in the way they care for the world and for each other. #loveistheanswer #GOD #HUMANS then why do we #divorce #fight #argue #war why don’t we #lovemore IMO i #HATEDivorce #HATECoParenting both so selfish and usually always in the #WomansFavor #DADLivesMatter trust me I’m not #drugabuser #alcoholic nor do I believe in #familyviolence but guess what happened when I wasn’t in court for #mydivorce I got accused of it! Simple based on #socialmedia

Remember the DEVIL will always try to destroy what is GOOD! #NotTodayDevil not ever! #NeverGiveUp on #GOD #HaveFaith #LOVE 🫶 SONS of GOD a daughters of GOD

lmfao 🤣 what the HELL aid wrong with the #familycourtcorruption #familycourtreform #family #familycourt I know a few attorneys who should be #FIRED for not telling the truth the whole truth so #HelpThemGod I never touched my ex wife! Been pill free 3.5-4 years , haven’t drank which never was more than 3 beers in now 14months, and no cannabis 2+ years no hemp since March 2022! Never hurt my children! Don’t believe in GUN Violence! But guess what I was accused of…. #wrongfullyaccused I say this on my soul! #godwatchingoverme if I lied or am GOD Strike Me DOWN TODAY! Because I swore to protect and defend this Nation! And was totally fucked over in #DivorceCourt

Truth be told my bank account was empty when I got out of jail so I can’t even afford to get my attorney to make a divorce right!

Pretty sad Family Court SUCKS!

At the end of the day I’m all about honesty and integrity!

I’m not abusive, yes I was pissed off! I should have never put her clothing in the front yard! I should have never chased down a COP a car! I should have never acted up! To go even farther I apologize for how I acted but after someone stole from me! I was pissed off! After 911 didn’t dispatch someone, neither did CCPD, and the FBI of was even more pissed off!

All I was doing was trying to get help!

To be accused of family violence is BULLSHIT!

Your only as good as your #BoatCrew #GOD doesn’t sink #boats #ships or #souls #Solas #Surfman374 #DMR the devil does! Just keep praying 🙏🏾

To be accused of Alcohol Abuse a LIE!

To be accused of Drug Abuse Horrible! It was CBD!

No pills almost 4 years, no alcohol over 14months, no cannabis over two years!

Do I regret splashing water in her face yeah! Do I regret responding the way I did verbally the few times we argued in 8 yrs yeah! I guess I said a few things that were not cool. But here’s the deal! I never would physically harm a Woman! Or My children!

I admit I got upset, I admit when on pills I definitely wasn’t in control! But that’s also why I literally stopped them, reported all this to the VA and started healing, then 2019/2020 literally reported all this to VA!

Because I wanted me and my wife to be the best we could be as parents and individuals!

The VA has my blood work! So did the military! What it proves is what I have said above!

I made the phone calls no one helped me! 04/12/2022

In 20 years Military service I was never diagnosed alcohol or drug abusive or dependent same with from 2018 to date! Not to mention never ever family violent!

What’s sad is when ya can’t be present at family court and they can say what ever and that’s what ya get , I’m saying all this because when you get divorced Atleast make it honest!

To many people have accused me of the worse crap on earth!

04/12/2022 #called #911 #ccpd #FBI no one helped me! #iwassetupforfailure #dmr #surfman374 I sware on my soul! #corpuschristitx #hauntedhouse I definitely felt mine was! The devil will always try and win! #GODINEEDYOUNOW

When I’m the end I got bribed , extortion, company stolen from me, a hobby taxidermy dream shut down, Spearfishing tournament shutdown, lost my family!

For what? Cooking with HEMP! Going to family counseling? Reporting cannabis use then Hemp to the VA? Getting off pills?

Trust me! I don’t work for the Cartel! Or the Mafia! Or Poachers! But I did work with two guys who renamed Gator-Gripp Racks Systems then stole all the money they owed my family! PullSetGrip

04/12/2022 #called #911 #ccpd #FBI no one helped me! #iwassetupforfailure #dmr #surfman374 I sware on my soul! #corpuschristitx

I was accused of taking money from rigsreefclassicspearfishing never did that heck I donated all the money to OATH!

I’m speaking truth for real because it cost me my wife and daughter! This is Bullshit!

ITs called freedom of speech! And I know an attorney who lied in court! Which cost me everything! When do DadLives Matter?

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