Pray Before ya consider divorce

I just hope maybe I can save someone else from divorce because if I feel this bad I know damn well someone else will that’s my prayer has been all day !!! Work it out people the family that prays together can stay together 🙏🏾🫶‼️❤️

Well I wish I was celebrating my wedding anniversary today but …. I’m divorced I don’t believe in divorce makes me feel like a worthless piece of shit man father and husband in fact I think you should stay together and forgive work hard! So god bless those of y’all who have mastered staying married …

Unfortunately I’m not married anymore but to all who showed up thanks 🙏🏾 for everyone who showed up that day God bless you all today would have been 6 years #divorcesucks I hate it!

Love is the answer trust me!!! 🫶❤️‼️💔

Today sucks it should be my anniversary day but I’ve spent it in prayer miserable as fuck

Sorry but I am miserable 😭 and really wish god would take me away from earth I’m not gonna do it! But damn I wish god would because if I can’t be a husband father man and best friend then what’s life? To me it’s nothing without my family! Eternal Love ❤️

Sorry but that’s why I’m so miserable because divorce feels like hell to me… and I would rather be in heaven when ya really love someone ya stick together I put my heart and soul into my last covenant I trusted you I made I vow that was never supposed to be broken with you and god! It’s why I still love you and am this honest!

It’s why I still love you why I try to show you everyday it’s why I gave my whole life to you and don’t fight you it’s why I admit my faults my fuck ups it’s why I own up to my shitshow and why I fixed it why I’m sober why I workout every day! Why I prayed more than the pope and even got awarded title of Disciple from the Catholic Church so I can show you my love what I’m will to sacrifice the old me! The bad me the angry me the lost me. I gave everyone what they took and am never fighting any of them again because GOD is the only reason I’m alive! Honestly when ya say til death do ya part that’s my word… I’m sorry for the hell you went through for me to become this man but damn I wish we were still celebrating together because hadley would see as would all our kids what it takes to break a multi generational problem called divorce that destroyed me as a child and is still destroying my children! How do you end the curse? Ya stay in love!

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