The Real Deal

I wish I had a human a woman that loved me back …. 🫶‼️ GOD had a Wife why can’t I? #GODHADAWIFE #IWANTMYWIFE one that doesn’t believe in divorce #divorce is evil 😈


All I wanted was more time with my kids and family….

😢 This Fucken sucks fuck love do I love y’all 💔 yeah

I’m glad your happy all happy in the end I guess that’s all that matters because I’m heart broken and lost everything

Ya wonder why we wanna give up on life that’s why no one stands up for us.

Truth be told

GOD I’m all yours today tomorrow forever ❤️ today I pray for #Family that you stay close to the #LORD because when ya don’t have your family it’s Tuff! It does make ya feel lost alone sad… that’s real human feelings it’s okay to have them, #NeverGiveUp

No matter how bad it sucks! Trust me life ain’t easy! It’s not always fun! And definitely sucks when ya loose it all! But in the end it’s YOU and GOD! So Keep GOD in your House your Heart Today so you don’t end up broken 😞 with a divided heart 💔 specially when it comes to marriage you’ll share your heart with you your partner and GOD! That Covenant ISREAL BTW beautiful as long as GODS it!

stay Strong be bold be truthful… #dmr

working on that these days #powerfulperson stuff

BravoZulu Holy fuck this hits hard 😭 as a father and someone who has lost it all I’m on my knees for god these days 😭 Surfman374 amen 🙏🏾 dmr 3x’s I tried to end my life while serving my country Suicide isn’t the answer 1998-2018 all I want is my family and love ❤️ 2022 still ain’t found it yet sucks 3 daughters and a son still love my kids love my creator hard to love this life when you’ve lost it all so many times it feels like a curse I will be 44 Dec 17th GOD please send your angels because life sucks… definitely didn’t have a good childhood let me tell ya adult life ain’t been any easier no booze 1 year no pills 3.5 years no hemp 9 months lost 100lbs learned to walk again twice Fucken 3 lumbar fusions both shoulders rebuilt right knee both wrists half my necks titanium and no cannabis two years but I’m still sober and pray more than the pope I hate divorce by the way and 3 damn women have left me and took it all… GOD I am all yours Jesus Holy Spirit THE STORY OF #MANKIND

via @YouTube #AMEN #JESUSCHRIST #HOLYSPIRIT #GOD amen Brothers & Sisters #JTD203 #DMR #Surfman374 @dmramsey1 @Twitter The Word Of GOD a saves US ALL #resurrection #BornAgain #BODYSOUL

Well I spent the whole day in prayer (as most of my days) at the pool thank you for GODS word that’s all I’m say’n 🫶‼️❤️ here’s to another day … Amen Jesus Christ Holy Spirit

This one hit me hard

Psalm 49:15 —


“But God will buy me back from the power of hell
because he will take me.”!

Colossians 2:15

“He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame, by triumphing over them in him.”

Beautiful Lonely only has brought me closer to my FATHER 🙏🏾 I have much Gratitude for my Father much to be thankful for…

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