What Comes around Goes Around divorce & lies

Since some think I’m in the poor me stage!

I just want a DNA test on all my kids because these days I don’t even trust there moms! #dnatest would make me happy! #dmr

life trust me I’m gonna speak truth! GOD loves me gave me that gift! #integrity #honor #Loyalty ! #dmr


Fuck all y’all! definitely far from poor me… like I said everything that’s happened from wrongful arrest to false accusations of working with cartel to being raided by wardens and investigators asking if I was in a militia involved with weapons manufacturing it’s all been lies as for the kids I don’t even get to see them so fuck me for that! If you don’t think I love them your all wrong! Forever they are my number 1. As for ex wives cheating lied and stole everything… trust me way more going on than what ya see on Facebook Instagram SnapChat YouTube Twitter TikTok LinkedIn! Which by the way thanks to lies I have completely been blocked or kicked off most of these apps! Because my posts BTW way more going on.

How about lied in court and a few other things total absolute lies not to mention I’m less than two months out of a divorce that cost me everything so I don’t need your Fucken pep talk assholes … just say’n I never cheated lied or stole. Always provided in fact I’m the one who’s 100% Disabled, on SSD a and VA Pay! So I don’t need to get the job! And definitely not a fat lazy PotHead! Like I was told I was, definitely didn’t create family violence, and definitely wasn’t a substance abuser poor me comments lmfao if you only knew what’s been really going on…


not to mention phone calls are better than Facebook replies last I checked I call everyone my phone never rings texts never come through and no one ever stops by and hasn’t since I retired from military in 2018. You try loosing your outdoor company a brand a legacy a trademark a family investment a wife 3 boats your guns your gear your Bowfishing boat and gear just cause you have to move and need help then get labeled working for Cartel because I owned a panga, selling drugs because I cooked with HEMP/CBD, using ICE a because I lost weight! Never used meth! Must be on something because I expanded my creatively online, funny my doctors said I was extremely creative and said I’m a Positive Empath so he’s nuts NOPE aim sober and then because I said I wanted to create 10,000 posts on an app! I’m called insane!

Lmfao Accused of witchCraft because I wrote a book Called TheDitchWitch , accused and investigated for capital riots for a week by feds , wrongful detained two weeks in a investigations from state baker act! 100 days because cops can’t do there job! Remember I called 911, City Police, and the Fucken FBI! 18 months probation for CBD! Let me see how you will feel! Oh how about not getting served notice for divorce then even income being lied about not to mention substance abuser and family violence loss of all house hold goods! Oh how about child support! Hey texas funny one kid same income only pay this amount now this one double ? WTF! Oh wait that’s because they lied in court about how much I make!

I just want a DNA test on all my kids because these days I don’t even trust there moms! #dnatest would make me happy! #dmr

Remember that was only two months ago! So fuck me for being honest online! REMEMBER Which I now pay double child support for Hadley for! I have filed all paperwork to fight this all . How about all your shit being taken! How about having her awarded all your guns when she was the one who pulled a gun on me! What about constant retaliation for reporting family violence to VA and then you get labeled the abuser… substance abuser and loosing rights to see your kid! trust me assholes way more lies than I have written about! Way more! Why am I being honest because the Court System Sucks , Bad Cops Suck! And To many people have taken way to much from me because all my ex wives lied , two cheated! And this last one definitely fucked me over!

So laugh at me all ya want, tell me I need to go start a new life, new hobby fuck y’all! I’m just spreading truth so the next man or women who reads this say damn !

Glad he’s still alive! Didn’t give up on GOD!

FUCKYOU a haters Liars Cheaters Trolls!

And who ever fucked me over on this last marriage God Knows the truth! You’ll answer to him next!

BTW Medical Speaking I was diagnosed
Positive Empath Anxiety Depression Insomnia PTSD suicide survivor (Not Manic or BiPolar)! From My Doctors definitely not a Narcissist and don’t have NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder trust me I feel others feelings ma I’m a damn emphath! I cry for others pain and suffering I spent 20 Fucken years saving lives destroying mine! Nothing but 100% love for Spearfishing why I built rigsreefclassicspearfishing nothing but love for the outdoors why I posted daily for GatorGripp all the way to ArcheryTradeShowofAmerica and SwampPeople! Who did all the work? ME! What about Certified Taxidermist then having your daughter made while your gonne 8 weeks! So yeah I’m pissed! I wanted to be there that day! Did she wait? Nope! What about my ideas what I want? No one gave a fuck about any of it! Right John! Who’s john oh just a cheating boyfriend of someone I loved! So fuck all y’all!

Why am I not hunting and fishing these days well that industry fucked me over too! No one stood up they all watched it happen and me fall!

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.” So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” #communion been a while. 8 years since the last time #myconfession #isreal #GodBless #knightsofcolumbus #christiancatholic #dmr amen Lord #GOD today’s beautiful #Sinners #Saint #Saints #godsdayeveryday


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