Coffee Time

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coffeetime did you know #almondmilk is a healthy source of Calcium, Vitamin A•D• E•B12•Zinc back in the day I would have added my #HempHoney made with solar infused CBD concentrate and Texas Honey from real Texas Bees but now I just add almond Milk #highenergyhealthyeating trust me the benefits out way the no benefits when it comes to #hempguidetohealthyeating it gave me energy, clear thought, pain management, kept me off pills, alcohol, destroyed muscle spasms and cramping, crushed anxiety depression insomnia PTSD . How Essential Oils Entourage Effect! You see when you Eat GODS herbs it’s way better for ya! Trust me I went from 26pills and 300lbs drinking to Sober 180! I would consume Atleast 1ounce per week! 3x a day around 1-3grams Decarb’d flower per meal or when it came to concentrate a gram is about 20 servings so I would add 1/20th to my meal when cooking trust me I did my research because pills destroyed me! So did booze! I don’t care what happens next I’m proHEMP no NOT using anything at all for 16 Months months! But I stand by this! If your things Cannabinoids might help Texas has a Legal Program! Or try “CBD” because #cbdcbgcbccbn heals heroes 💚🤙


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