LOVE… In My Opinion

Remember Humans we are not perfect! Which means neither will our relationship be perfect! You will struggle. You will fail. You will fuck up! Say sorry! Learn, and grow! Remember when you join together you become ONE! That doesn’t mean you can’t have your own friends or family’s but means you should love and respect each other. And constantly grow… IMO but what do I know…. Other than loosing love. I will tell ya this, focus on her focus on him! Your friends and family come after your house. Your children come after your spouse. Because they need to see two people working hard for them so they grow up and work hard for whom they may choose. It’s not slavery! It’s not a competition! It’s total team work helping ameach other all they way! Because tell ya what being alone ain’t my thing… not a fan! Just say’n why?

I miss movie nights, snuggle time, deep talk cooking together laughing together living together. Knowing no matter what that one person will always have my back. When ya crash and burn or when your on top of the world. To know you got a best friend “life partner” ride or die it is awesome! Sure intimate moments rock! But when ya get old and grey it becomes best friends who laugh about a life time of highs and lows! Who the grand kids want to be like. Because everyone loves awesome grandpa awesome grandma !!! Just like every kid wanted that mom and dad… trust me people work through it!!!!

LOVE is why I do it! And all above the above to me that’s real love! Ain’t easy we are humans we ain’t perfect! That’s for sure…

I’m just a guy who puts his thoughts online. And in life! Planet Earth and the MetaVerse

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