Corpus Christi Texas

I’m just glad Corpus Christi is getting a new make over! Means lots of new development lots of new architecture lots of new food lots of new places to enjoy with families lots of new new new… that goes for the Bluff and Island! I tell ya why it’s an International Port! Deep Water! Means Big Ballers are gonna wanna enjoy this little coastal gem now.

I’ve only been here since 2011 but I will say this! Plenty of room to grow and shine in this old city by the sea! Once the waters ways open up watch what happens to the fishery! With cleaner coastal flow, better fishing! Not only will Corpus be an epic place for Oil and Gas with Green Energy but an Unbelievable location for even better fishing ….

I’m telling y’all it’s real! A lot of building are gonna be overhauled or torn down! Tons of new developments probably even developers will be coming. From the SPOD overhaul to the walking paths from Texas A&M all the way to the Science Museum. So much is gonna happen! Ocean Drive definitely!

Just look at the beautiful work at Cole Park!

Heck I bet even one day oso bay and creek could have more walking trails. Out past Yorktown there is plenty of places to add more trails…

20 years from Now Corpus Is Gonna Be even better! This place is a dream come true for Texas! Because she’s got plenty of room and plenty to offer the family’s who call her home.

One day I’m gonna get another boat and have a home here my kids will enjoy! Till then I don’t mind this complex I live on! BayPoint rocks BTW

Trust me So the fishing includes pretty sure I saw a TripleTail while floundering and redfish trout and even a snook pretty cool I’m seeing them these days in oso bay

even seen what look like tarpon possibly juvenile ones they came through pretty quick chasing bait…

Even seeing a few blue crab as well…

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