“What’s next in life!”

Slow Down • Live • Life • Enjoy

Trust and focus the primal movements, focus on the target. The Goal. Move at a pace that is self determined vs environmentally determined. Learning to embrace my movements through each moment in space and time. Break away from fear and into a more peaceful energetic comfort zone. Allowing only what builds me up into my life. Walking away from what destroyed and what was unsupported. Even with handicapped abilities I can lean into a state of more focused confidence. Because enthusiasm is key! Loving God, Self and now. Becoming NoNreactive and more active. Learning to reconnect and recognize the triggers that break me down over coming them and moving forward. Truly becoming unshakable unbreakable.

“I still have a YouTube Channel”

I still have YouTube
“We become who we are” Stay True

Moving Forward seeing the challenge pushing ahead with each task at hand being mindful of self and others.



#DMR stands for “David Michael Ramsey” all in all the time…


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