My Prayer as A Father

This one’s for all the mothers and fathers everyone in my life and yours…. Specially the women whom gave me the children I have and helped raise God Bless You All


I’m glad we share the same feelings about Hadley. It’s why I fought so hard because I almost lost you in our attempts at creating a better version of ourself. One day you will realize your dragon your lion your man loved you. One day you will realize miscarriage also destroyed me. That could have been my son. My daughter. Who knows because that life is with god now. I wasn’t gonna reply but I want you to know when it came to creating life or preserving it. I was protecting us. You. That miscarriage was hell the Hurricane hell the pills the alcohol hell. Now life is a blessing it’s the blessing I wanted for all our children. I’m sorry for the hell we went through but thankful for never giving up. Love is the answer God is the way! Self Family and Future are forever… that was a beautiful post you made. I’m thankful our daughter and children is and comes from a strong mother and father. Thanksgiving to God I didn’t loose you both or any of you for that matter in her creation. Just thankful I could be part of it. It was always my dream to be the man I am now. But I had to recover sober up and suffer learn grow to shine. I have so much to be thankful for in life I could share that for a lifetime. I’m just thankful I never turned cold dark or too worse events or choices. God is Good. My the lord bless you all all whom read this and your house now… may the lord save you and yours. In his mighty name I pray for us all daily. My family and yours my people and yours. Because I’m god god is everything everyone every where place and thing as god created me is yours and all of this and that through god everything like Hadley my youngest daughter in life is possible and worth saving. ❤️💯🤙 this is the real me! I promise this is the true me! The man God intended me to become. Cost me everything but this me is worth it. And I’m thankful I was able to create Hadley, raise Austin, create Addyson, and McKenzie all my children are gifts from God. And God will bless my house my creations. God will bless yours and what you have as well! I’m thankful for that. Humble for it. And proud of my faith and hope. God Bless and In Gods Name I pray for us all, Amen 🙏🏾 from My Father on Earth and in Heaven to Being a Father I Love you Lord! Lord of Lords! And I love what you gave me all the blessings. The Gifts the strength to grow from my darkest hours. Love you Jesus love you Holy Spirit love you all because love is the answer. Everyone deserves love no one should ever fall alone. Or feel alone. So god I give you this prayer. I ask for your blessings and pray you continue to guide me my house my future is yours. Amen 🙏🏾

“If you wish to talk hit me Up” God Bless you all

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