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So many people think about “personal brand” it’s why I’m glad I’m no longer in that industry! They say I became the real me was the day I stopped living in the clouds stopped caring about what wasn’t and started focusing on what was what is and what I could change to become better. After 20years in Military retired as a very senior leader it was that! Alone that I fell back to. It was leading self, and helping others. It was beautiful it was letting go of the selfish acts and living selfless. It was not caring about being perfect but being me. It was not trying to be what I wasn’t and what I am. I’m @dmramsey you like it or not. I have my own core values. My own way. I believe in #TeamWork but believe more in #Trust #Hope #Faith and #Family I believe in sharing as much as you can and learning as much as you can.

From Surf Rescue to Hurricane Harvey I did what had to be done! That’s what matters always will matter is doing the job! Never giving up! Not letting anyone anything stop you! #dmramsey DMRamsey1 Twitter DMRamsey IG

I believe in breaking down barriers in life not building up walls. I believe in my Creator, and am thankful because all good comes from positive returns. From failure. From lessons learned. The greatest comeback is the one that happened because you #nevergaveup you showed up when others stopped or could no longer. You practiced what you preached. You shined in your darkest moments. You never quit. You evolved when correctly corrected its outcomes are unstoppable. You become who you were and are and always have been. Never stop believing in you, what you love, who you are, or what you can do for others. Helping others counts. Never let negative of any kind Destroy the positive be bigger do better. Set the goal and hunt it down! Stay focused and never stop. #brand is what it is it’s trusting it or them because it or them survived! #dmr

I know what I wanted and became even more from letting go of what was and never giving up! on what is!

I had to except what was and push on for what now is! Living a Better Life. Doing better with what I am for what is and others


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