Never Give Up

Hurricane Harvey

That was a storm I will never forget I was asked to write this and gave it to my Command after the Floods stopped.

No Matter How hard it gets, Never Give Up! That Storm ended my Career. That storm made me have another surgery, that storm was why I should still have another cervical fusion. After my time in the surf, running Sar the end result was right knee surgery, 3 lumbar fusions, cervical fusion, and both my shoulders rebuilt. Still should have an additional cervical fusion but I’m choosing to avoid the knife. I rely heavily on acupuncture, yoga, and fitness to the best of my ability now. In my 20 years I was on a total of 26 prescriptions for mental and physical help. I drank heavily, and ruined two marriages because I let life change me into a worse version than I am now also attempted to end my 3 times while on active duty. That wasn’t the answer what was getting the help I finally needed. Mental help. And physical help. Since retired in 2018 I was able to end all pill use in 2019/20. I was able to stop drinking in 2021. I have received the needed help because the VA. I earned my scars, we all do. I earned my retirement check I hope you all do. After two Medical Boards. And an Administrative Investigation that almost ended my Career at the end I’m glad I was able to move to my final unit. Sabine Pass Texas. It was an amazing year. And Hurricane Harvey Changed my life forever. What I learned in my career was to Never Give Up. Don’t allow negative in my life, be proud of who I am, learn, and work with the right people. God Bless you all I pray for all of you. You can find me on Instagram I’m DMRamsey. You can find me on Twitter as DMRamsey1. If your ever in Corpus Christi Texas hit me up would love to visit. Enjoy your career it goes by fast. Never give up!

BravoZulu LifeBoat Sailors from Surfman374 God Bless Surfmen, Engineers, and Crewmen. #mentalhealth #personalbrand #personaltrainer #personaldevelopment #personalinjury #personalgrowth #NeverGiveUp


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