Words Of Wisdom

It’s Easy to walk away, It’s Easy to Avoid, it’s easy to give up. It’s easy to not try. It’s easy to say good bye. It’s easy to let go. It’s easy to be average. It’s easy to avoid settlement of debts. It’s easy to take from someone else. It’s easy to not give back. It’s so easy isn’t it. What’s not easy Never Giving Up! Standing for what you believe in, loosing it all. Trying the next day! Saying hello I love you I’m still here. Paying the money back! Giving selfless acts of kindness. Focusing on you Becoming your best! Being your best! Doing your best! When you discover we all are anxious we all have anxiety, we all have depression, the need for recovering, and recognition. We all want more. We all have had way less. We all have lost what we love. That’s Because we all are Humans. It’s Okay to go deep into who you are. It’s okay to change evolutionis always gonna happen. Those who are strongest have also suffered the greatest! Those who are the greatest have the most. Loved the most, and stuck to it NeverGivingUp your either telling the truth or telling a story. Being real or really fake! Once you master the person inside, you become the better person outside! I have, I will, and I don’t care what anyone thinks! All this talk about once ya find yourself, once ya love alone, once ya let go! Fuck all that! I paid the price, paid my time, worked my ass off! That’s why I’m 2018 I retired, discovered plant based healing, and even got locked up almost 100days for Hemp! For defending my house, my life! My family! The time I lost, the Spearfishing Tournament, the Company as CoOwner and Chief Marketing Officer , the mislabeled, the false accusations. Trust me I never ran drugs with my panga, not part of a militant militia, don’t make guns illegally, never did Taxidermy for poachers, yes grew Hemp for spiritual purposes, stopped using illegal cannabis in 2019, never smuggled humans, never took money from my family I didn’t fully try to pay back! Stopped pills over two years ago, yes got BakerActed my my own family twice for there lies! Never abused a woman or my children in my life! But yeah I said some shit! Threw some shit in the front yard looking for some shit! Stuff that was mine! Stuff that healed me! Did I run nope I went to get help! Did I cry? I cry often it’s human! Am I upset for what’s been taken from me? Yes as a father I never get to see my kids. Ex husband honestly after the past two and a half years it should have happened sooner! Because men need love, men need to be Appreciated, men need the same things women need! Support , Knowing they are always there. Knowing they have your back! Life’s complicated enough! Stand tall, stay ready! Always ready! Protect what’s yours! Don’t be afraid of love! It’s always evolving. a Creator Loves is enough to make us, that same creator loves us enough to protect us! A Family That Prays tOgether doesn’t always stay together! It’s easy to complain, point fingers, watch, laugh! It’s way harder to save what’s worth saving! It comes with a Real Price! So love me or not. Unfriend me or not. Take from me all you want! It’s only stuff money and time! But I’m not gonna stand for lies. Disrespect! And Bad People! Thanks For Reading! BTW when I say BadCops Suck! It’s Because Good Cops Rock! When I say All Lives Matter, it’s Because Black, Yellow, Red, and White all matter to me! So pay up! Pay back what you took! Tell the truth! Stand tall because I did for America from 1998-2018, and I did my best for my three wives! If I wasn’t good enough that’s on them! But not seeing McKenzie since like 2017 sucks, Austin since a few years sucks, Addyson since last summer sucks! Hadley since March really sucks! What you gonna do block more of my accounts? I
Lost my TikTok because liars! And my LinkedIn! All I have left now is what ya see! And that’s me! It’s always been me! The Real Me! So Stand Down! back off! Be ab better Man or Woman! Treat the ones ya love the best ya can! Let me tell ya, the Road to success is only achieved through sacrifice. Wealth through loss! Happiness through failure. Strength through growth! Every thing you say do see and write has an outcome! Be Real! be You! That’s my WordsOfWisdom! That’s how I do it… stop telling me to let go, I take hold take control and am about it! I paid the price trust me!

David Ramsey

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