Who I was; is who I’m Not! (300-185lbs) never give up!

What’s Hashtag #DMR my Name“DavidMichaelRamsey” about Being “AllIn Inside|Out! Mind•Body•Soul”!

I’m Happy With this Journey been working out twice a day and Freediving (can’t wait to get back down to 150’ it’s so peaceful down there and my 4:30sec static breath hold ain’t so bad now. I’m still dealing with some muscle issues in legs and regaining my feeling back. At one point 80+ percent nerve loss was what they told me I had I legs and arms. Still have insane spasms and overwhelming cramps but I push through. Pain definitely Sucks but after what I did running lifeboats and doing rescues for 20 years it’s a side effect of a badass life.

I’m Surfman374, BMC USCG

So it’s time to #cut #trim #leanout the fun part wateronly till Dinner 😉 yes balanced meals are healthy but I prefer #dinnerOnly and water all day all night my favorite way is slice of lemon double water on the rocks #WaterFasting #intermittentfasting has allowed me to go from 280-300lbs post surgery to 185lbs now. I still want to hit my goal of 165lbs and will it all started when I had to learn to walk again. Baby steps turned to from couch to front door. Front door to end of driveway. Driveway to stop sign. Full loop around Nieghborhood. Then 2miles in Am, 2miles in PM took me 4yrs and a whole lot of Cooking with #cannabis #hemp let’s put it this way I ate upwards of 5ounces a week! As seen in my cooking and digital cookbook available on Instagram and Facebook as #HempGuideToHealthyEating simply click the hashtag to see my journey #TexasHempChef what started out as me trying to beat #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #insomnia and as a #suicideattemptsurvivor I knew #pills and #alcohol weren’t the answer they just made it worse now I haven’t had a drink since November 2021 pills since 2019. And feel so much better. Finally love my Self. First GOD, Then You, Then Them! #dmr #highenergyhealthyeating is my 2nd cookbook now 🙂 free click hashtags @dmramsey thank you @instagram

@ DMRamsey Instagram
DMRamsey1 Twitter

When someone says how did ya get hurt? From 1998-2018 I gave it my “allIn”!

Good Bless Surfman Engineers Crewmen
Hurricane Harvey ended my career

I had 3 lumbar Fusions, Cervical Fusion, both shoulders rebuilt, Right Knee, and Both Wrists. Thanks to Harvey crushed what was left of my lumbar and Fractured C7 crushed C1&C2 above and below previous Cervical Fusion so it was time to retire get fully fused in Lumbar Spine. Still haven’t had my whole neck fused like they wanted to do but half is! That said acupuncture last 3yrs diet activity

Seeing 20’+ water over two story building will trip ya out! Trust me PTSD is Real! Suicide Not the Answer!
I’ve been in 20’-50’ breaking Waves it’s a Blast! That’s a 47’ Long SurfRescue Boat!

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