One Rule 1 RULER !!!

idolatry, in #Judaism and #Christianity, the worship of someone or something other than God as though it were God. The first of the biblical Ten Commandments prohibits idolatry: “You shall have no other gods before me.” #GOD #Creator #noothergods

Ha love it when someone says “you should pray talk to GOD, Jesus, Holy Spirit!” lmfao, obviously don’t know my Creator is the only one I trust with my soul! Hey Sheep Keep going to church & paying them assholes! I don’t worship idols

Creator • #Humans • #Angel • #Jinn we have a mindbodysoul they don’t but Christ the King Created us God Created us all GOD a is in the center with nine angels , each of them different beautiful , higher row: Dominions, #Cherubim, #Seraphim, and Angels; lower row: #Principalities, #Thrones, #Archangels, #Virtues, and #Powers #Hinn #Ghoul #Jann #Marid #Ifrit #Shiqq #Nasnas #Palis #Silat #Shaitaan the Beautiful world of the heavens and earth rocks #TheDitchWitch #DMR #thelegendof374 a Battle Of Positive vs Negative Good VS Evil and All Gods Creations God is Good, I Love My Creator My GOD is an Awesome God


Love is Forever
Love is Now
Love is Forgiving
Love is Protecting
Love Is Kind
Love is Hard
Love is Sacrifice
Love is Devotional
Love is Beautiful
Love is Emotional
Love is Real

GOD, Loves us Forever, Now, is Forgiving, is Protecting, is Kind, is Hard on us when needed, Sacrificed His Son, is Devoted, is Beautiful, is Emotional and is Real. We should LOVE each other like GOD loves Us. ❤️ I love you LORD. It is Good to be Loved. When no one else does. It is good to be cared for when no one else can. It is good to feel safe, when no one else is around. ThankYou Lord God for protection, guiding me, and healing me. For saving me from the Evil. For taking away what no longer loves me. You are my light, my world, my shine. Thank You for another day.

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