My American Dream

wethepeople because men & women like me! This is my rifle! My Pledge, my colors! I definitely defend freedom served 1998-2018 Proud to Defend it Again! GUNS, PLANTS, Animals People places and things 🇺🇸🌱🏴‍☠️💡💯🤙😎 #standup #beaboutit #talkaboutit #cannabis #hemp #gunrights unlawful search and seizure, wrongful arrest no cuff keys? Out of uniform! No warrant private property lmfao 🤣 #BadCopsSuck and you smoke that in your pipe ! From #GoldMedal at WhiteHouse to Jail for what I defend! My rights! Did you know I called 911, City, and Feds? Before ya arrested me? #UncleSam needs to totally unfuck Texas! 😎 And the Bad Cops who are more Corrupt than the Leadership of Our Nation! Your only as good as those around you above you and below you! I challenge you to be a better COP, City Leader, State Leader, National Leader! Because I defended a Nation of God , People , and Love! I’m no threat to you! I’m an asset not a liability I’m a Veteran a Citizen and American! Who spent 20yrs in the bigger business of enforcement of Federal Laws and Treaties I know my rights! And I tried to protect them! From the Native Rights of Plant Based Use, to the American Right to Bare Arms GOD runs this Nation! Not the Devil! #afrasgoldmedal #surfman374 #AmericanHero thought I was …. Till some assholes cuffed me and didn’t give me two cents worth of time!

Was Destroyed

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