Life Can Rock You , Lessons learned

Time for honest stuff Divorced Life sucks Single Life is not fun… after what I have been through and them I still don’t understand why women can’t hold on… we all hit rock bottom at some point I believe that! Unfortunately it cost me 3 wives 😑 not proud of that! Two left for other men, this one did what she thought was best. I commend her for her strength but damn it rocked me good! Trusting in GOD these days, staying focused on not what happened but what I can become with what is left. Unfortunately it’s been a hell of a ride life! From a Gold Medal at White House to almost 100days in Jail for Hemp, Cannabis Heals BTW💯 it’s an option unfortunately one not legal in Texas. Only been out 3 weeks. The worse time ever was made worse with divorce papers. Trust me Y’all, it’s better to work it out! Anxiety Depression Insomnia PTSD suicide attempts also hurt the family. The alcohol the pills I don’t believe they help at all. But Hemp Healed me. It balanced me! It took the things I said above away! Daily Prayers, Meditation, acupuncture all of been key to my success. It’s not what happened that matters it’s what’s gonna happen next that counts! Never Give Up! On YOU GOD or what you love! Be good and be the greatest at it! My actions that day and Hemp got me locked up, gave me time to think. Think about God, what I did, and who I am! Three weeks later I feel blessed! Now as for the next 18mnths probation will also help. It’s not the end it’s a Correction. And thank GOD the Judge did what he did! I’m blessed I’m thankful I’m now even more sober. No alcohol since last year and almost 4 years no pills. I put this out there because I do love her. I do wish to have her back. But i understand unfortunately… and I give it all to my Creator. It’s not easy being alone. I love my family. The hardest thing is loosing what ya love. But you can come back from anything! Time heals everything

To the woman of my dreams I love you. If your not her God has a Queen for me! But obviously God also has other plans so I’m giving it to you Lord. My Life is yours I pray for peace love and happiness health as well. Please let this serve as a hope to you you who is fighting to never give up! Love it all the way! Love yourself your creator and yours. Everything is is a blessing a gift 💝.

BMC Surfman374 Retired


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