My Thoughts are Real


Family – It what stands beside you your tribe it protects, defends, and harvests together it never gives up

Faith – Having the power to believe fully investing in the strength of it

Hope – Giving all trust in something someone some place someday some time

Love – The Ride or Die willing to Sacrifice it all for something the spiritual and physical connection that warms you makes you happy and fills you up. Something so powerful it destroys emptiness and fills it with excitement & passion knowing it will always protect you always be with you. When apart it’s trust, when together it brings you to your best it makes you whole


Love you GOD, My Heavenly Family, my Hope for a brighter Day, my Faith I place in my #Creator

🖤❤️💛🤍 I pray for the North, East, South, and Western People I Pray. We have a more United Faith, Hope, Love, and Family. We are all Humans. I Hope we do better with the Creators Gift called Earth. I love what Earth gives us. I have Faith in the Creators gifts like the Plants, the Water, the Fish and Game. I truly enjoy the Sunrise, & Sunset the Creator Shines Light it’s a reminder for me to embrace it. And when the night comes to Rest In Peace. To relax, to sleep to heal. To Love. #dmr

Single Life is Hard it’s Lonely 😞 but I guess that just means my circle is smaller so I can focus on you my Creator and the gifts of Earth.

10,000 posts is a small goal to show what life is really like as a Veteran how got his ass kicked. #PTSD is real , Anxiety a Tuff cookie! Depression a Darkness, insomnia a curse. Pain leads to real Anger. Triggering real Flight or Flight Modes.

This is a Growth Reminder, #NeverGiveUp @dmramsey
Never Stop Loving
Have Faith and Hope
And Love someone place of thing that will love you back. That makes you whole. That will ride or die with ya. Love is GOD , God is LOVE. Put the Creator First. Then You, then Yours. Then them and theirs…

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