Road Trip

I said go

Is football over yet “hahaha”…

good times, lots of miles today

The Journey to the Southern Most Point

North east through the gulf of Mexico then East along the white sands of Destin & Panama we went…

Turned south and it was beautiful it was nothing but timber, new power lines, fields of oranges, the glades, & gators in ditches…

Across the bridges we drove seeing the island life was epic knowing these people are different or maybe it’s us that are the strangers lmfao because I got a parking ticket at the southern most point and a picture with some conch and lobster 🦞.. the roosters on the island rock btw was definitely slower going south because we flew to Miami…

Through South beach we walked eating Ceviche and Lobster.. watching Rockets Blast off and eating Seafood Chowda on Amelia Island

Then it was back down south funny story the first time we stayed where ScarFace was filmed…. the beacon on the beach in what they call a boutique hotel … the rooms are different but clean and comfortable on South Beach… north to mid beach the confidante was a nice walk too btw at midnight about 2 miles

Then it was north to the chilly winter white sands of Panama City and Destin…

It’s winter time again.. in Port Arthur you’ll find Reel Cajun cooking and great mudbugs..

in San Antonio you’ll find hats boots and boat rides on the river next to the Alamo that texas y’all! And me at the beach because that’s Padre island life … cheers y’all here’s to when it feels good to be home 🏠

Hash browns all the way or grits bowl definitely mrPibb
It’s called seafood chowda it’s good so is the view Amelia Island 🏝

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