Let’s be about it

And talk about it

The last few years have been a blast (lmfao)

Yes I took a spiritual break from killing, I just wasn’t that mad at the fish or animals lmfao I still ain’t I literally stopped Spearfishin and hunting to focus on healing and figuring out what I really am….

Sounds crazy I’m sure but I haven’t fished or hunted or been Spearfishin none of it in over a year. Yes I will return to the woods and water but I really wanted to just focus on healing and discovering went to rehab twice and finally was able to kick drugs (pharmacy grade) post surgery discovered acupuncture works and so does walking and meditation/ prayer getting right. why because it sucked when I was on so many pills for me and all around me by the time I retired from military I didn’t even know who I was.

Now I’m more sober than I have ever been and really enjoying it. Yes I love hemp & I feel cannabis is the way to go yes I still have a few beverages (but these days not even one a month) but that’s the most for me.

As for pills nope.

BTW I’m totally looking forward to the day I’m back in water & or behind my BOW or rifle…

Nothing like a cold day to wake ya up

Till then I’m gonna keep standing tall, keep moving forward, keep living LIFE.


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