Off The Chain Y’all

Because Selfies Are Fun

Sending prayers for anyone healing or hurting today trust me I’m in pain all day every day sucks don’t know what’s worse the anxiety depression or insomnia from it… often misunderstood for anger I’m short fused because it hurts so bad not because people piss me off thankful I have discovered fun ways to heal and focus on other things than pills and alcohol thankful it takes my mind off pain thankful it takes my body to a place more manageable because without hemp it would suck way worse than it does now. Hell was that place more for me thanks to herb I can feel at peace and that’s heaven to me… love is still the answer and being active as best ya can #hempguidetohealthyeating #healing #mentalhealth 🤪💚🤣💚😂💚🤙💯❗️ with love I’m sharing this because that’s what helps me heal and I pray it helps you Selfies arE Fun BTW

Renegade Kush Cookies
Hulk Hemp Honey
Banana Blueberry Yogurt HulkHempHoney with some crunchy bunches or oats
Before Infused 🧈 no Salt
After HempButter

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