We should focus more around us than else where

I’m really not interested in what the Taliban are up too we have enough to focus on in Texas and the USA to worry about.. as in cleaning up the cities and making a better more safe place for families that’s any and all families no matter what street ya come from hood ya grew up in colors you represent we all are REDWHITEBLUE we all are the Stars and Stripes! I like playing on grounds, splash pads, parks with BBQ’s, and slides that work, swings that swing, and skate parks! Along with piers that work (with lights) 24/7 so people can fish and or connect with nature, Jettys that are free from fishing lines and trash so turtles and other sea life can swim and not drown, hiking trails, and stuff. And truth be told I’ve been part of so many clean ups thanks to my past I learned they are also great ways to connect with your community. Seeing Law Enforcement in Uniform picking up trash is amazing. Seeing military clean up around town is awesome! Seeing Fire and Rescue doing the same only makes you feel more connected with your community. I’m proud to be a parent it’s what I served twenty years for. Our family’s, our streets, our states and nation deserve our best. All Humans who live in the USA deserve a better, cleaner, more educational environment. Tell y’all what I’m seeing this in my city I live in a lot more. The water front down town is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, from Cole Park Area to the College there’s beautiful educational stuff all around. ❤️🤍💙 I’m thankful for all the hard workers in our community #ThankYouCorpusChristiTexas from #Surfman374

Or Your Local Community

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