The Boss

Who’s #theboss simple it’s #GOD my #LORD and #savior who created his #son #jesuschrist to walk earth and then dieonthecross for our #sins humans put Jesus on the cross #humans then he went to heaven #you are forgiven when you know the truth. #amen #godisgood #surfman374 I know this for a fact because of my lord and savior I no longer take the #medicine I once did. #walk better #livebetter sure I still deal with #anxiety #depression #insomnia #ptsd and a lot of judgement from others. I’ve lost family, friends, and my #innercircle is even smaller since ai gave up the desire for #more #lordhavemercy #christhavemercy #godhavemercy I have #faith now I drink more water, eat healthier foods, focus on finding peace daily. I struggle just like everyone else but I pray because that’s what works I pray when I’m happy when I’m sad when I’m suffering and when I am looking for answers I pray when I’m thankful and when I’ve been broken and others where taking advantage of me. I pray for peace & love I pray for all things large and small I’m thankful for what I have and know the people who aren’t with me weren’t ever with me. I know demons are real and so are angels. I know #heaven is real and so is hell. I’m thankful for #Surfman374 and all that title taught me. I’m thankful as a man for #dmramsey me the real human after the uniform the #uscg was the best decision I made straight out of HighSchool the choices I’ve made since I retired in 2018 have all been the right ones because today I’m #alive to live another day

Class of 1998 LaCenter Washington
HOTEL 153 1998
Arctic Circle 1998-1999 “Last of the Big Sticks”
Surfman374 | USCG March 10th 2006

I retired 100% Disabled Jun 2018 after 20 years serving thanks to Hurricane Harvey was able to assist 100’s of more souls with our Team in East Texas and save a few more before I hung up my hat. I had 3 lumbar fusions, Cervical Fusion, Both my Shoulders and wrists redone. I had to learn to walk again twice. I had to loose over 180lbs in total to become the man I am today. With each surgery it added more medicine more to recover from and now I enjoy a life at a healing healthy weight I’ve overcome my demons I pray daily and I believe in Faith, my city Corpus Christi, Tx my weekend Catholic fellowship my daily fellowship with my Lord God. I’m a Knight of Columbus and I Coown Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC I am a proud father. Proud Husband and do my best daily. My why is my children my goal make sure they do it better than I did. In God We Trust. I’m an American first one to serve twenty years from my Italian family who immigrated here to New York City during the world Wars. My Grandma was first born in the Village in New York. My family is amazing we all are amazing never let anyone tell you otherwise be your best!

US, OURS, THEM, THERES…. God Bless y’all DMRamsey on IG/TikTok


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