What’s Love got to do with it IMO

I researched this from Google to the Bible to the Quran IMO

The key concepts to remember are: love is trusting in our (or your God) , love is being #faithful to your partner & families, love is being kind / patient with the world around you that’s a good way of putting it thanks Google Search … love is definitely not easy to Learn definitely not easy to teach because we all love in our own special ways

Let me tell ya, I definitely love in my own special way. It’s okay to struggle it’s amazing to heal have faith in who you are. Care about who you are. Love who you are Find the value in what you are and grow that into what you love and enjoy.

If you love it do it. If you love how enjoy the journey. Just say’n love rocks it’s not easy to love others when it’s hard when your struggle is real. Just do your best and be proud of it. That’s what I had to learn was lowering my sword sealing help from others and always listening truth be told I’ve said and done bad things I’m not proud of that. But I learned from my mistakes and try my best daily to make it better. In the end it’s about care happy and love. Care enough to be happy with it and you love it everyday



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