What is United?


People show of be proud of what they have done for the country they live in… as a Proud American who served his community I trust in our nations leaders. I trust in our nations places of worship why because as a Military Leader I was tasked with working with everyone no matter skin color or beliefs. We are United we are Multiple States! We are Big and Small Cities. together we rescued everyone. I sacrificed my life for that and still do. I hold myself accountable daily. Because without self care, self love, self worth you can’t help others. You must believe in being the best you for your team. No matter how large or small. You must be the best you for your friends and family. The choices we all make. The combination was f social media and news that’s what people make. We can choose to be positive or sit back and be online Haters. We can choose to troll or be creative. We are followers. we are Leaders! We are team players. In my city over ten years later I’m proud to see new innovative new places being created for families new places made for us to enjoy being outside. Never let judgement stop you. Rise up no matter what. Do what makes you happy. Respect and Integrity Loyal and Honor


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