Judgement Day

Is it Better because of CyberSecurity

It’s good to have fun and laugh and also be serious –

“I walked in to a restaurant to have dinner last night…. This is how it went.

Hi, table for two, please.
Sure, and your name?

Great. And do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?
We do….Can you tell us who our server will be?
Um, looks like Tom will be your server tonight.

Great. Can you show us Tom’s vaccination card?


And also, can you provide me with proof that Tom is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases?


Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Tom’s most recent tox screen, that would be great as well!

Um… Let me get the manager for you.
That would be great, thanks.

I stole this from a friend but the very first restaurant that this happens to me at, I will repeat this exact statement and video it…

LOL #GOD is Good 😊 amen 🙏🏾 we should all do our part to protect our own self and house. We should all do our part to protect our cities. We should all do our part to protect the state we live in. And we should all be proud of the nation we come from. The color of our skin no longer matters! The male female symbol doesn’t apply! We are #humans and when so many humans walk on earth everyone is bound to have an idea. Everyone may want more. Most try to work hard for what they have! Some take more than they should! Some steal! Some start wars! But this is earth! We TheUnited will survive! We who care about our community will stand taller and rise above! In faith we are United in Fellowship we are able to worship. In god we trust for Liberty and justice for all is what I protect! That didn’t just apply to my border! It applies to earth 🌎 she loves us all equally she provides for us equally she gives us what we need and she takes away more than you can imagine. Today we can see Hurricanes coming. Today we can see storms brewing. Today we can protect our elves better. Today is a great day for all of us humans. Because today we have the choice to be better. Do better. Live better. I understand the past is filled with wars. I understand the past if fully of conflict. But today we have a choice to do good. Do better become the best. We you read black and white you see it! I believe in the grey space I believe in the paper it’s written on. I believe in the gas and oil in our vehicles. I believe in plant based plastics I believe I. Wind power! Solar power.. I believe in earth in the scientists the inventor the creator the influence and the watchers. I understand we are negatively acting up at times. I understand to be on keel your balanced. And when it’s positive it’s a real good time. Salvation is amazing when GOD carries the cross with you. We all share the cross. To me it’s earth! Our salvation our cross. And we all need to love her. Not someone else’s wife or husband girlfriend or boyfriend we all should love our selves before others. We should all do our best for us ours them there’s. Because as a Coast Guardsman I protected Washington State. Oregon! Alaska. TEXAS. Louisiana California. New Jersey, Virginia, D.C. and Mexico and Florida! All the GulfofMexico and All it’s People! You see these are people places and things I have seen been and done! It’s painful but a stern task master! It’s hard but I can smile as pain is a time stamp for me! It’s a place I can go and now smile. Anger is what is needed to do the good works for our lord and savior! A Lion Hunts and provides for his #PRIDE and A Lion will die for it as well! pride is beautiful but will cost you everything #loyalty shows true colors! Integrity is my sword and Shield! Warriors Know there is no Man or woman on earth we fear because we will die for what we believe in and wake up the same second in heaven it’s worth it to be alive! It’s worth it to be sober! It’s worth it to feed your soul! And much as it is you mind and body with the best it deserves! It’s our house we should protect and keep clean. And our community we are soldiers warriors modern day Saints sin is real we sin daily unfortunately but we don’t have to make the same choice tomorrow or today! If given life when you wake up just enjoy it. Do what you love. Change it up! Clean up the friends list in real life and online! Because hatters will always hate! hackers will always steal! People will want more from you and laugh as they take it! Be strong protect yourself in life and online! Data is available to everyone #cybersecurity is being aware! I sacrificed my personal space for the greater good! I opened my matrix up to those around me. I have been taken advantage of. People have taken from me. Cheated on me and beat on me! People have whooped my ass. Threatened my house said they would do things to my kids! Asked for money and said I would die if I didn’t pay up! People have lied to others people have extortion as a tool! People take! But for all who take know this! If it happens on the matrix the United States of America will not loose! The Federal Government has the best Cyber Secrets Cyber assassins who live for hunting! Who enjoy giving back what was taken! Because we pay it forward and fall forward we stand stronger because we care for our people! Our paths Are amazing when we enjoy them. Judgement day


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