Earth and All it’s people

Today I got to sit and talk with a local who grew up in Corpus Christi texas. Let me tell ya #oceandrive is beautiful it was amazing seeing him light up and speak about the place I call home now. He was Hispanic he was a Very proud man. And he loved his man. It was amazing seeing him speak about love. I could tell he loved texas as well. He was on fire with excitement. It’s funny a total stranger shares the same feeling I do. I am a Man. A Father. And husband. I’m proud of my kids and the mothers they have have done well. We both SA here’s stories of how #corpuschristi has grown and how we have. It’s amazing a total stranger gay man and I have the same #love for our town, state, and nation. I believe in #god and like he said god works in gods way. It reminds me of the days I’m struggling, the days I felt like giving up. But shows me as long as I have faith, and love it! Happiness exists all around us. We are not the same in America! We all have our own version of freedom! We all have our own version of happiness. We all have our own version of faith. But we can #vote we can help our #Neighborhood we can help our house! To the 9-11 dispatcher who answers the call! The fire rescue who responds. The peace officers who keep the peace. The city planners who are tasked with making it better. The architect, the builders, the cleaners! And the people! We make america what it really is! It is hardwork! It is suffering! It’s people enjoying, and people destroying! But what I see 10 years later is a City once old! Now newer! A City once established now evolving. A city now International because of OIL and GAS! A Coty using solar! A city using fiber optics! Corpus is a City of Today! I city building daily to make it better! To make Corpus Ready to ship world wide! I am proud of the Inner coastal water way! I’m proud of the offshore shipping lanes! I’m proud of international airplanes! I’m proud of #Texas it’s not easy on the #GOM Gulf of Mexico honestly it’s worse sea conditions than the west coast! It’s choppy as heck! I would take a westCoast Swell any day over the Gulf Chop! The Gulf of Mexico is why I sold my #lancha my #panga because a 30’ boat 7’ wide would work way better! The Ocean is a Tuff Beast! The Hurricanes are NO JOKE! Much respect to the engineers of earth! Because what y’all have to build to make last is amazing! The beaches here are teaming with snook! At every jetty in texas lives a healthy fish population. Under almost every near shot oil rig lives juvenile and adult tarpon! We hold fish that have almost killed me! Fish over 100lbs that call the gulf home! We have more snapper than ever! We have an unbelievable population of sea turtles and whale Sharks! We have a fleet of sport fishing boats that would blow your mind! We have fisherman who love the waters as much as they love feeding our city! The shrimp are bigger than my hand! The blue crab and oysters are so unique they compare to willapa Bays in Washington. You see we all have something to offer! And I spent ten years discovering #texas a place you can see dinosaurs in the big bend. A place you can love called Lake Amistad! From Dallas to The very amazing town of Austin you can find something for everyone! From Asian to Mediterranean beef to tacos! Texas has it all! The vineyards of Hill Country! Will Provide! The cheese and meats the chicken fried steak! The schnitzels the sausages the smoke from the pits! It’s got it all! #god showed me my home! I’m proud my brothers is at peace in #FtBliss I’m proud I grew up watching drag racing in Houston! I’m proud I learned hiphop and Let me tell ya the Latinos know how to sing cook and provide! The Blacks welcome me every time! The whites love me! The Asians I tell ya I love my Asians! The men and women the Arabic the Italian the samosas the Hawaiian the Alaskan the South American the Canadian the American we are all in texas! The Catholic the Muslim! We are all here! Why? freedom lady Liberty a place to call home!

God I love the USA and I’m a proud American a Loyal One at That! I believe in Made in America! Because we the people make America 🇺🇸 through our leaders we elect! This is not a War! This is the establishment. As an American I’m proud to protect! I want to one day see our nation grow beyond I want to see Mexico work with us! I want to see Central America work with us! I want to see South America work with us! I want to see Canada work with us! Why? Simple we all share the same land! We are all on one big island! Beyond that island other Nations who have all had a part in our creation! Bog picture is this is earth! We all share it! In the Coast Guard I learn led to make it better than I found it! In the Airforce I learned we are the tip of the spear! I. The navy I learned to protect the ocean! In the army I learned protect the land! I’m the marine corps I learned to do more with less! In the space force I learned we are not alone! The stars the air beyond ours is real! Earth is our home! All nations people’s places and things! All creatures and all we make is here! So I call earth home now! I call all people us, ours, them, and theres. I can’t help but seeing this! I can’t help but want to challenge every human! Why? Because we all can make it better together … I’m a proud warrior! Proud veteran! And Proud father! I look forward to grand kids playing with yours as much as my children playing with yours and Me! Working in my home to make it better! I am a man! I have a wife! I have children! And I enjoy life! My life. Our Life and Yours! We should embrace our gifts and share them with others! We should work together to enjoy tomorrow. We should all want more! Want the best! We should all be heard. We all have a voice! Even I had to rely on the Veterans Affairs. The Texas Veterans Commission. The Department of Homeland security. The shield and sword! The church and Star! The government to do better! The nations to work together…. Why some my kids could call anywhere home! To enjoy your land as much as our land would be the greatest dream come true! So this I pray! I pray one day we work together! I pray one day we stand taller! I pray one day prisons are destroyed and people are educated! Because enforcement has a considerable effect on the future! It comes with a cost! We should work together we should understand the balance of negative and positive! Just as earth has a North Pole and South Pole so do we! We have a head on our shoulders to think with! We have hands to help Eden (earth)! We have bodies to make it whole again! We have feet and legs to guide us. We all want freedom! We all want teamwork! The time has come to embrace the past. Learn from it. And make earth great again. If a virus makes us wear a mask let’s wear it! If wars taught us let’s learn from them! If history is to be displayed put it in places like museums places like WashingtonDC. Where you can learn about everything on earth places like the Vatican where you can see the cross! Places like the Middle East where you can hear the beauty of the Quran . Or Bibles are not very differently believes might have there own stories but earth is what earth is. We must not forget we are just trying to live our best life daily. I traveled 10,000 miles not to long ago. Because I gave my mother flowers and checked on my children. I learned what American made means and made in America! I know what Asia does for us! I know Russia and Europe are beautiful lands with amazing people! Who all fight for what they believe in! Now we should stop! We should rebuild and join hands! Why do I think this way? I’m sober, I’m a dad! I have family and friends! And I’m Alaskan where I was born! I’m Georgia where I rafted and played football! I’m the Pacific Northwest where I protected the fishing fleet! I’m the girl of Mexico where I learned the carte is no different then the mafia! We are all family! We all have a Tribe we all have a Nation! But what will we leave for our great grand kids? A place they still fight over or a place they can enjoy? Do all our children play safe? Do we? Are we making it better than we found it? I say Yea! I say we are and will.. because I’m white and I have a freedom dream! A dream all wars end! A dream we all can enjoy
The woman, the ocean, the land, the earth we all call home! The man the brother! The sister! The mother all deserve it! This is all people’s creatures and things this is planet earth ! A place fires happen Hurricanes happen sand storms happen! Floods happen! Storms and even aliens land on! We are the hope the future the now! Because of the storms we all have been through. GOD bless EARTH #Surfman374

Earth loves us

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