Pain | Anger | Happy

I smoke cannabis and would recommend “CBD” to anyone THC should be respected as a three time suicide survivor, 3 lumbar fusions, cervical fusion, both shoulders, wrists, and right knee all been cut up fucked up and bolted up. Tell ya!

  1. water
  2. Eat to live only
  3. Just be active

Push yourself daily to activate your core as much as possible. Sure cannabis helps but it’s not the cure. Pain & Anger live inside our Head deep! Be ready Mijo’s and Mija’s it was 1999 & Uncle Sam gave me my first opioid! I didn’t stop till 15 months ago yep 2020! NO PILLS a Must I must be off pills! Then Blood Flow! And Stretch ! Also do things you enjoy and make sure you don’t hide when your hurting being happy will combat the daily reminder your hurt. Being active will help in exhausting you so you don’t stay up all night thinking about pain it’s all a prop for disaster then treat all the other things that hurt ya end up over medicated divorced twice busted up and working on saving third marriage but hey I’m sober and below 200! If I can You can Mijo Love Ya #Surfman374 you got this brotha CBD works BTW and is Legal ya probably already know this but if you believe your in pain you are… start Liven #GetLiven

Y’all 4 Me it’s – Family, Healing, & Water #Surfman374

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