IMO Right Meow


My WHY is LOVE & Advocacy of what I believe via Social Media

Most of them went over seas, I wanted to be a Surfman they went through the seas! I’m down with SavingLives not TakingLives IMO

surfman374 #gatorgripphd #davidramsey #ifitfitsitgripps

shoutout #surfman #engineer #boatcrew #squareup #highside #lowside #surfdrills #surfstation #bravozulu 💙 #surfman374 #teamwork #surf train Maintain Operate


cathrinem #fvcathrinem #uscg #afrasgoldmedal when I joined in the late 90’s most of my friends went #overseas got #deployed me they sent me to #lorstaportclarence 80miles NORTH of Nome! They said you’ll get priority 1 I believe they called it… well after having a good time I said here’s my pics starting at #CAPED then each station south afterwards so that’s TillamookBay, depot , Yaquina , Siuslaw, Umpqua, Coos, & Bandon …. I got To Sit and look at the Triangle from the tower Surf South Jetty salmon and sturgeon fish the Umpqua elk hunt Dean Mountain The Fire Towers Gold /Silver Falls Run dirt bikes on the #oregondunes fell in love found amazing friends was epic!

Then I got Siuslaw a blast! And then CAPE D! Life has been a blessing I’m proud of it! Thanksgiving to all who are beside me! You all rock! Teamwork is why we are all still here. Be a fan friend or family it’s about your why your how your what your when you’re why your now… and sharing it 💙⚓️❗️ LOVE you all David Ramsey

Thank You Everyone I love you all truly appreciate those who stand beside me your only as good as your boatcrew 💙⚓️❗️🇺🇸


Only you can care enough to carry your cross because Jesus already carried one ⚓️💙❗️🩸💧🌵🤠

Only you can care enough to carry your cross because Jesus already carried one ⚓️💙❗️🩸💧🌵🤠

ShitCreekSurvivor Surfman374
I Pray 4 US ours them There’s and ThankYou LORD For the Blessing called


It’s how I looked at things when it came to saving lives I apply it still today! In life , fun, future, and finally funds 😉 life is good today as they say ⚓️

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