Social Media Reach

It’s 2020 does posting everyday work? Yes, but understand it’s not always Positive, Negative, Neutral it’s also fun if you allow it!

Have a Nice Day click link it’s this simple TikTok times never running out. Social Media would exist if you didn’t post. So it’s about repeating and creating doing and posting caring enough while you do it. Happiness & Love is Most important it’s okay to take breaks & slow down mental Health and real social time, hobbies, passions must still be enjoyed burn out is real! Success is to me the ability to do what I love when I want.

Mobile Communication Devices Rock! But want proof in connection… exploded my message 💙⚓️❗️
It Works never thought one phone could do so much. #iPhone #create ✅ #audio ✅ #video ✅ #photo ✅ #post ✅ it even helps me spell better. When you post that’s what goes to work for you. It’s like sending up a flare. Only you pick what you want it to say and do how you want it to feel and be seen what they will hear and read sometimes lasts forever. 10 years from now YOUTube will be popping, more will be screen locked and thumb stopping. It’s about Reach.

IMO TikTok & LinkedIn Rock.

Although is interesting here’s some facts
Twitter – DMRamsey1 = 39 followers
FaceBook – David Ramsey = 375

  • Gator Gripp Rack System = 291
  • Salty Soul Taxidermy = 394
  • rigsreefclassicspearfishing = 1425
    FaceBook Group SpearfishingTalk 2.8k Members
    Instagram – DMRamsey = 2071
    – GatorGripp = 258
    Rigsreefclassicspearfishing = 1225
    TikTok – DMRamsey = 1557
    – GatorGripp = 73
    YOUTUBE- Ramroadious = 404

What’s interesting is I try to loop content around the same point daily what’s amazing is the difference in reach. Each area reaching its own, it represents what’s happening who’s where and how many.

hustlr #gatorgripphd #surfman374


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