Surfman | USLSS

Coast Guard Surfmen are part of a tradition of lifesavers that dates back almost 200 years. The title “surfmen” is derived from the United States Lifesaving Service (USLSS). The rescuers of the USLSS were known as surfmen; these brave and daring men rescued over 178,000 people in distress during the 44-year history of their service. Today, the Coast Guard has retained the title of surfmen for its most highly trained boat handlers. SURFMAN 374 on YOUTube

While technology has both reduced the risk of peril on the sea and improved our ability to render aid; operating rescue boats in surf and heavy breaking seas remains one of the most challenging and dangerous tasks Coast Guard boat crews perform. Very few people complete the extensive and difficult training to prove their ability to operate in these conditions and achieve qualification as surfmen. Hurricane Harvey

The Register is an #official list of members who achieve qualification as surfmen. Members will be entered in the Register in order of their original certification date and be assigned a unique register number. The Register recognizes the significant accomplishment of qualifying as #surfmen, signifies the membership of individuals in this elite community and #honors the shore-based #lifesavers from which Surfman have received their #legacy. F/V Catherine M

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God Bless those Still Standing The Watch



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