Pills Almost Killed Me

Fact it saved my life I lost 100lbs and have way more energy and it crushed anxiety depression insomnia and handles the ptsd just say’n 💚✅❗️

surfman374 pills almost killed me! 3x I tried suicide by pills from 1998 – 2018 was great serving but the pills I took on active duty were horrible when I retired I made it a goal! Now since 1 July 2018 I’ve been on my way to pill free and thanks to #cannabis Or #CBD what ever I used it saved me from hell true story love this post I read from

Derek Sisson posted earlier today on Facebook he nailed it! he owns Merica Bourbon BTW 🇺🇸🥃 🇺🇸 “smooth tastes great that post inspired this one”. Just say’n!

I feel it trust me. #100percentdisabledveteran ten big surgeries later I’m doing my best thanks to what I once used most call herb 🌿 ✅💚❗️#veteranshelpingveterans sobriety is a great path but don’t underestimate the healing power of what’s natural vs what’s created in a lab! Pills almost killed me. And lead to way to many years of hell and suffering for myself and others

Amen it saved my life no pills later #surfman374 I feel it improved me made me able to function and become more creative for #gatorgripphd just say’n it relaxed me gave me a chance to enjoy life again naturally


True Story just say’n Surfman374 CoOwner Husband Father Friend Founder


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