Nope I’m not a robot

Lmfao someone asked if I was a robot I’m like why? Because I posted so much? @surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing I’m Real I promise post the things I get asked lmfao why? “I posted 19,700+ time to show y’all what I love believe in and who I am”…

And what I built so yes I’m human… are you ? #helpjuliawilliamson #missiontobuild #military #BlessingsComeDown #whatsup #goodhumans #BlessingsOnTopOfBlessings #homesforwoundedwarriors #internationalport #thatsawrap don’t be offended I’ve always like women! Yes I have 3 daughters and a son and love and miss my dog and totally think my kids moms rock! So kids my ass lmfao hahHhaha 🫶🤙🤣 and this weathers beautiful anymore question? Oh yes I miss being married lmfao 😂 date night even though it’s cheaper (ain’t been on one since Feb? 2022) lmfao 😂 and no intimacy since Feb/Mar2022 to answer that question just me lots of swimming texting my kids and sunshine sober love y’all what else is there to do I can’t leave this county till January 8th 2024 lmfao otherwise trust me I would be posting. Spearfishing Talk Spearfishing Talk Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament David Michael Ramsey #spearfishingtalk type stuff and #huntingseason stuff but technically they took my guns till January 8th 2024 so no fun just sun lmfao 🤣 I’m honestly being honest #dmr #surfman374 I must be the most hated veteran in the world and ExHusband lmfao because I miss hadley, Addy, austin, Kenzie , and my dog lucky

“Interesting thought should the blessed bless each other? Should be #grace for eachother? Even if we came from a hard past, does that mean we should allow it to effect today, tomorrow? I know where I came from, but the violence bad character doesn’t effect the now….” This is only how I feel (I could be wrong but when it comes to being thankful joyful enjoyment) I think it should be shared. Because based on #humancondition we could be positive or negative? So to thank in the past if you came from a dark place or light place good or bad what should the now be? It should be joyful helping nourishment but that’s just my opinion to be welcomed to be enjoyed to be functional a pleasure pleasant…. Journey one we should enjoy with each other. Yes just a thought, I know where I came from and that is not who I am not will be. #MovingForwardTogether ? #movingforwardinlife #movingforwardtowardsbetter no matter the conditions I know with love in my heart my intentions are more pure. #justthoughts #whatsyourintention intentions?

Friends #Family #blessings #hearthealing #spearfishingtalk #nopenotarobot #missiontobuild #surfman374 #military #BlessingsComeDown #whatsup #goodhumans #BlessingsOnTopOfBlessings #DMR #characterdevelopment #characterdesign


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