You can trust me GOD does

“Trust me, your only as good as your boatcrew” #Surfman374 1998-2018

SurfRescue SAR #Solas #USCG #Chief #afrasGoldMedal #AltusTendo #UsOursThemTheirs #47mlbsurfman #52Mlbsurfman #coastiefamily #veteranfamily #Puddlepirates #commercialfishingfleetlovesus #narcoshateus lmfao 😂 #narcopolo #submarineriders #letmeseeyourlifejacket #FLEO #SAI FAI #RFO #OPSEC #cybersecurity #PortSecurity #NationalSecurity #WarOnTerrorism #OrderOnTheBorder #pursuit tactical you name it we do and did it lmfao 😂 #PiratesLoveUs lmfao 😂 🏴‍☠️ 🤙🫵❤️🇺🇸☠️👽🛸⚖️💯🤟🏻🎶🔥🫶🇺🇸 #SaltySoul I am

See 3 Days out of HighSchool I was serving my country 25yrs later 10 Major surgeries 100’s if 1000’s of lives saved let me tell ya 3 divorces never seeing my kids growing up 26 prescriptions insane anxiety depression insomnia PTSD and 3 suicide attempts I don’t know if some would say it’s worth it but I would do it again lmfao just without the baby momma drama keep your dick in your pants boys chicks support sucks parental alienation is hell loosing 22 years of retirement investment homes boats dogs play time with family all your money getting defamed mislabeled wrongly accused and parent stolen lmfao 😂 wasn’t worth it hell I don’t even get the credit card miles and still got to wait 9 months to get my guns back and meat processing equipment trust me I would do it all over again. And yes no ex wives were physically harmed I may have offended them but here’s the deal EGO sucks Narcissists Suck CatFish Suck Shitty relationships are worse! Not seeing your kids! That’s hell! But hey I’m sober trust me I have to call a pisstest hotline daily lmfao 🤣 here’s the real deal I told the truth still am! I should be proud and thankful for what I did for america … (secretly I am) publicly no one gives a fuck they stole all I worked for 🤣 I’m a positive Empath we speak the truth like it or not! I still love my kids moms… forgive my business partners and just want what’s mine lmfao 😂 who wouldn’t after learning to walk again twice and kicking the devils and demons ass for GOD…


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